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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Email in: New take on the Paladin list

"Was looking at the wargamerau forums last night and people were talking about Paladins to a large degree. Put together the following to give a test run to tonight. Interested to hear your thoughts on what you would change to it. Was originally going to just run Draigo, Libby and 2 full squads of 10 Paladins at 1750, but think the following might be a bit more feasible as there is at least a little longer range shooting and only gives up 5 bodies on the other list, but a Techmarine and a Ven dread have to be worth at least a couple of bodies.

List is:

Libby, Might, Sanctuary, Shrouding, Quicksilver
Techmarine, Conversion Beamer, Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, Servo Skull
10 Paladins, 4 Psycannons & Banner. Weapons options to give a bit of wound allocation. (2 Hammer, 2 Swords, 5 Halberds)
5 Paladins, 2 Psycannons (2Hammers, 2 sword and Halberd)
Ven Dread, TL Autocannon, TL Autocannon, Psybolt Ammon, Searchlight

Tempted to give the Paladins in the big unit all Halberds though as with 4 possible Hammerdhands and Might could get them up to Strength 9 and with the Rad grenades even Wraithlords are getting wounded on 2's with the potential Grand Master strategy of re-rolling 1's to wound :-) Like the Techmarine for the grenades and the option to make a ruin 3+ cover and then with the Libby make that 2+ giving 2+/2++ which takes out most potential bad weapon match-ups, although could still suffer badly with torrent of wounds and super hammer units in combat - but on those occassions probably better to give the unit counter charge instead, which combined with the banner and quicksilver gives you a lot of attacks before they go. Also like the conversion beamer and the ven dread that give a little bit of long range shooting that the 2 10 man paladin units seem to lack. Techy can also repair the dread if required so can choose to take the immobilised or weapon destoyed options that you might otherwise try and risk not taking. Should be pretty effective in Kill Points with 4 of your 6 kill points tied up in one fairly hard to shift unit. "

In terms of all-Paladin lists, ya nothing too wrong with it. I wouldn't run the Ven dread (one vehicle, even if it is super durable) and rather run either Solodins (using skills + Psychic Communion to deep-strike when and where you want them to). With daemonhammers + S5 blasts they can be annoying scoring prospects but do give you more KP. You could of course drop the 2nd Paladin squad for a couple Solodins and then run multiple regular Dreadnoughts to get some saturation in there but only three Dreads are likely to be shut down.

In terms of list balance, it's a massive rock as all Paladin based armies are. Some armies will laugh at it and there's nothing you can do (Dark Eldar for example). Some armies will run away with their panties tied in knots and some players will as well but most balanced lists with good movement will be able to deal with your mass amount of wounds. Kill Point games you have an obvious and strong advantage in and you aren't hugely disadvantaged in objective games with the Grandmaster capable of making the Ven dread scoring but most armies will run circles around you and win in this way.

For a giggles list which isn't going to go belly up it's fine. Just like a Nipplewing army for Blood Angels. I imagine a lot of people won't enjoy playing it because they think it's overpowered or boring but *shrug*. If this is what you're looking for then that's fine but if you were looking for a more balanced, tournament army I would not recommend this and rather change the concept drastically.

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