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Friday, August 26, 2011

NOVA: Whiskey Challenge

I'm not going to lie. I am a bit drunk at the moment. (Kirby, your fault for giving me posting rights:)) But I was hanging out at the Whiskey Challenge, taking some pictures, and watching some games. For the most part though, I was doing some last minute painting on my display board and a few bases.

That being said, I had particular interest in the Stelek vs. Saint Omerville Whiskey Challenge, as Mike (Saint Omerville) is a friend of mine. Now I did not get to see the match, because I was painting. However, I heard that the internet was going crazy over Stelek cheating. Is this true? The entire game was broadcast live on the web and I heard there were a ton of posts during the match about how he cheated. What is the scoop?

Back to NOVA. The tournament room seems to stretch on forever. There are a crap ton of tables set up. This is the Flickr page I will be uploading photos too. I will try to organize it if I can, but no promises. I promise more and better picks throughout the weekend.

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