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Friday, August 26, 2011

Out of the ashes...

Well, after I didn't get to NOVA I had to find a way to entertain myself this weekend. I found out about a (very) local tournament about two-three weeks ago, just before my interest in NOVA was re-ignited. The tournament is a pretty big one (50+ 40k players, 64 WFB, 30(?) WM/H etc) and is apparently a big deal locally. Well, I looked at the rules pack and if I'm completely honest, it's not what I'd run if I had my choice. But I don't and the guys that run it are pretty decent. After NOVA didn't happen (for me at least), I went to find out if there were any spaces left at the tournament, and luckily for me, a few guys have dropped-out. So I'm in.

So we have a 1750 tournament, 5 games, mixed objectives (not quite NOVA, but not straight-up rule book missions), Soft scores and... comp. Fortunately comp is only used for seeding the first two rounds, but it's still comp.

Oh well. Like I said, they're some decent guys, it's a big tournament (and I certainly need tourney practice) and I'm looking forward to it.

Surprise, surprise, I'm running BT.

EC - AAC (I probably should go with Abhor in this list, but i don't care. I like re-rolls)

2 x Termies (5) - 2 x CML, 2 x CF

2 x Crusader Squad ( 5) - Melta/MM/frags - Rhino (Smoke)

2 x Crusader Squad (5) - Las/Plas

Crusader Squad (5) - Flamer/frags - Rhino (Smoke)

2 x Land Speeder Typhoon

2 x Auto/Las Pred (smoke/SL)


So compared to the list I've been using recently, I've changed 2 more CC orientated squads to 3 crusader squads (1 melta unit, 1 mop-up/objective unit). I think it's a pretty decent list, but it's probably not a great idea to change a list the day before a tournie. The biggest thing is I need to know how to assault combat threats.

Anyway, we shall see. I'll post up some stuff about the missions and how it went after the event.

Wish me luck.

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