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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well, NOVA starts tomorrow and I managed to get my army painted, uh… sort of. A funeral, losing power for a night, and graduate school two nights a week set me back a bit. Where did I fall short? Sadly, I was only able to finish 16 TH/SS when my list called for 19. In addition, poor Belial will have to go into battle with Lightning Claws, as I could not convert/paint his TH/SS model in time. L So, my list will be slightly different than the three options I posted previously, but will it won't change strategy. I will post the army picture with my first battle report.

If anyone wants to say hi, this is what I will be doing throughout NOVA


Thursday: Last minute painting and watching the Stelek vs Saint Omerville (Mike) Whiskey Challenge. Mike is another local that I know and very solid player. If anyone can win with Footdar, it is he (I’m biased since he beat me with his Footdar list). I will be wearing a purple Baltimore Ravens jersey if anyone wants to say hi (closest thing to pink that I own).

Friday: I am playing in the Team Tournament with my friends Josh and Scooter. If you watched any podcasts last year, you may remember Scooter as the big drunk redhead, so it should be fun. (Note – I got an “at-large” spot in the Invitational but decided to turn it down for the team tourney. Sat/Sun will be enough of a grind, I figured Friday should be more fun and relaxing. Drinking starts as soon as the tourney is over.)

Saturday: 40k GT. Probably drinking afterwards.

Sunday: 40k GT.

Battle Reports:

If all goes according to plan, I will post bat-reps after each round of the GT (taking it easy during Trios-tourney). The format will be straightforward:

Picture of my army (first bat-rep only)
My army list (first bat-rep only)
Opponent’s army
Opponent’s army list
Deployment Picture
Turn 1 actions
End of Turn 1 Picture
etc, etc.

Throughout the weekend, if there is anything you want to see just post it here and I will try to get a photo of it.

Completely unrelated note, holy crap we had an earthquake yesterday! 5.8 centered about an hour+ from NOVA. No real damage, but the biggest quake the east coast has had in a century.

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