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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sisters of Battle in White Dwarf: Part 2 - Points Released

So you can now access the whole points spectrum and options for the Sisters of Battle Codex. Let's take a quick peek and I'll probably do a two part full review in the coming days. So a quick overview...

Jacobus is 90 points so he's going to be a sure shoo-in for most lists who would like some reliable Faith. Further insult to injury means he gives his unit +1A and FNP - DCA love you so much. Henchmen squads can only be taken with the Confessors + related Special characters and are the exact same loadout as Grey Knights. Confessors are quite expensive at 75 points base (compared to the Jacobus at 90) so seeing two of these might be a stretch. Kyrinov is also 90 points and no where near as good. Fearless aura can be hit and miss in terms of usefulness but he does come with a Laud Hauler and Imperialis quite cheaply compared to your base Confessor.

Celestians are indeed 15 points per model but come with the two per five option still. Phew. MSU to the max for these guys. The Command Squad version of these guys are like your usual Marine Command/Honor Squad with lots of special weapon options, FNP and can only be taken when a Cannoness is taken. Nice squad but I imagine won't see much use with Jacobus being pretty standard.

Repentia are still expensive but not as and whilst cover can help them with durability + Faith ensuring they can swing, there are better units to run around with as combat units. Add in rage for extra fun.

Battle sisters are indeed 12 points a model with the same as before special/special or special/heavy weapon compliment. Rhinos are back to normal and Immolators start expensive and don't get better. 65 for twin-linked flamer/heavy bolter or 80 for twin-linked multi-melta. The TL-MM version will probably see use as will the Heavy Bolter for fire support but losing 'fast' status for the flamer version hurts its viability a lot. Heavy Bolters with Inferno bolts (re-roll failed to wounds) are decent and can add some fire support to a short-ranged army but at 65 points? A Psyback is S6 and comes with Fortitude...

Seraphims are cheaper than before, w00t but their pistols are expensive as hell. I think these guys are very appropriately priced outside of their pistols (up to two per squad) and will make good harassing units. Problem is they also take the same slot as Dominions aka scouting Meltaguns who can have two specials per five. At 13 points a model they are a bit more expensive than the already overpriced SoB but having scouts more than makes up for this.

Exorcist is...unchanged. Seriously? Not Heavy 4? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Retributors with Heavy Bolters are pretty cheap but as we knew, cannot take anything with longer range. Multiple MMs and Heavy Flamers whilst nice, aren't going to get the job done and the army really needs some ranged support without IG Platoons or Fast Immolators. Pentient Engines seem odd with their wording. They are either squad size 1 or 3. For 85 points they are still pretty eh and once again, competing with the only ranged support Sisters have on offer.

Overall? Pretty crap. There are some nice things in there like Jacobus and Fast Attack and that's about it. Everything else has been given a direct punch in the face (Immolators), been given point increases (Sisters of Battle, Celestians) or has been left in a state of much needed love (Exorcist). Whilst there are across the board improvements such as Veteran Sisters being included, frag/kraks for everyone, etc., on the whole the White Dwarf codex, as predicted, is meh compared to the original. It's not terrible, never get my guys out and play again and with some number crunching one could probably make a decent if not OMGAMAZING list. For now, let us lament the loss of a good codex and pontificate Games Workshop's dumb decision. *waits for plastic Sisters*

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