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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sad Times


It looks like I won't be making it to NOVA this year afterall. Flight prices aren't too bad (£460), but times are a little problematic (There was an hour period where perfect flights were availabe, but that was when I still thought I'd be paying $300 for a room). Firstly because I'm working nights at the moment it will be a crazy mad rush Friday morning and I'll still miss the Whiskey Challenge and the invitational. The only sensibly priced return flights will mean I have to drive an average of about 100mph to make my operating list Tuesday afternoon. Oh... and turning up to work smelly and poorly slept doesn't go down well.

I'm gutted. Ask the lady. I've been crazy painting for the last 2 days, thinking it was a real possibility and now I'm crazy deflated.

It was nice to get a good response to the request for a room that Mike posted on Whiskey, thanks to all of you that replied.

I'll keep an eye on times and prices, but I'm not really holding out much hope.

Sad sad times.

Anyway. This is a PROMISE I'll be there next year. You are all my witnesses. I will be there next year. Even if I have to sell a body part, I'm going! So Mike... hurry up and receive the dates. What's that? You haven't organised it yet? Stop slacking.

So, here's to next year, where hopefully Kirbs and some more of the 3++ crew will be in attendance and to the 11th company for making me feel even more jealous with their live feeds.

Sorry Mike.

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