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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So everyone should be well on their way to soon. It's Wednesday night here in Australia (and thus Wednesday morning in America) with games starting Thursday iirc. Hurry up and get there so we can have some fun laughing at watching you. Apparently BroLo has acquired last minute tickets (let's pretend he replaced Brent or something who cannot go for more important reasons *sadface*) and we hope he loses horribly :). Lots of other regulars are going including Gramps, 200ponies + his wife, Marshal Laeroth, Roland, Stillfrosty, Nikephoros, Sandy, Cumby, Hulky, Dashy, etc. If I didn't mention you I don't like you :). Jokes.

But anywho, here is the podcasting information through the 11th company who are kindly doing some live streaming for us. Gramps as I recall is also going to be doing some posts whilst on the floor there so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Maybe I can come in the future but for now goodluck to everyone, thanks to Mike for running such a great tournament which has spawned such an excellent format and have some fun (I will confirm beer is a requirement of fun)!

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