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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Space Wolves & Army Comparisons

With the Imperial Guard codex winding up soon (once I finish the final post and fix up my fail on the first Heavy Support article) and still waiting on VT2 for the Grey Knights codex review, I think it's time to look at Space Wolves. They are regarded as one of the best armies in 40k and whilst flexible within their list design, they have several units which barely see the light of day.

So what issues, or potential army match-ups, would you like to see covered in the Armies in 5th and codex review of the Space Wolves. Obviously looking at internal balance and comparison to the other Marine books will be paramount in these posts but anything else or specific questions can be addressed.

Also, what army comparisons are top in people's minds currently to look at? Any armies not just Space Wolves. I know quite a few people want me to look at Tyranids and Tau atm but specific armies or generic army lists anyone wanted compared? If so put them in the comments here as well.

Also, final call for dice. This will likely be the last time these are ever sold as next batch we are aiming to do the 3++ in place of the three pip so if you want some, do so now. I'll be ordering the 2nd wave my Tuesday (everyone else's Monday usually) so order on the weekend. Any combination of quantity or colors can be ordered at this time but NO DICE BAGS ARE LEFT. Again, all profits go to running of the site, prizes, etc.

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