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Monday, August 29, 2011

Top Tables at NOVA: Round 8

And here we are with the Championship Final for NOVA! Tony is defending his crown :). As I get results from Round 7 and match-ups for Round 8 I'll post them up.

Final battle is between Space Wolves and Grey Knights. I'm sure the Internets are overjoyed at this. Spearhead, Table Quarters, Objectives, Kill Points.

Table 1 - Tony Kopach (SW) vs Allan 'Blackmoore' Hernandez (GK)


Tony wins again! Congrats!

Table 2 - Justin 'DashofPepper' Hildebrandt (DE) vs Devin Schafer (GK)

Table 3 - Neil Gilstrap (GK) vs Brad 'Hulksmash' Townsend (SW)

Table 4 - Nick 'Yermom' Nanavati (GK) vs Rick Puig (IG)

Table 5 - Adam Tricola (DE) vs Mike Somerville (IG)

Table 6 - Aaron Aleong (SW) vs Andrew Gonyo (GK)

Table 7 - Mike Taylor (BA) vs Dawson Hindrelet (SW)

Table 8 - Mike Hoffman (Ork) vs Casey Christopher (Nids)

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