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Monday, August 29, 2011

Email in: 2500 'Ard Boyz Biker List - Advice?


"Hey Kirby,

So this is the first time I've asked for help on a list from anyone outside of my local gaming community but I figured I might give it a shot since this is for Ard Boyz semis. Your blog has been on of the only ones I've been able to keep up with and all your authors are great...anyway. First I'll drop you the list and then I'll go through my reasonings behind the list choices.

HQ -

Captain on Bike w/ Relic blade, Storm Shield, Artificier Armor - 195

Librarian on Bike w/ Null Zone, Avenger - 135

Troops -

Bike Squadron (8+1) - HBAB, 2x Plasma guns, Fist - 310

Bike Squadron (8+1) - HBAB, 2x Plasma guns, Fist - 310

Bike Squadron (8+1) - MMAB, 2x Melta guns, Fist - 310

Bike Squadron (8+1) - MMAB, 2x Melta guns - 285

Elites -

Rifleman Dread - 125

Rifleman Dread - 125

Rifleman Dread - 125

Fast Attack -

2x HB/HB Speeders - 120

2x HB/HB Speeders - 120

Heavy Support -

Predator w/ HB sponsons - 85

Predator w/ Las sponsons - 120

Predator w/ Las sponsons - 120

Total = 2485

So I'm 15 points under and not sure where to put them.

Anyway as to the feel of the list it's fairly straight forward. In KP missions it rocks a lowly 15 KP, giving it a slight advantage over lists with 20+ KP on the table. In objective missions the bike squads are able to combat squad as needed to field enough scoring units (up to 8, which I think is pretty good) to control the board. It has a huge amount of anti infantry and supprexive firepower in the form of the Rifleman and the Predators, as well as the 2x Heavy bolter speeders that make a mess out of lots of things. I feel like the list itself is pretty straight forward, (obviously we don't know scenarios yet, but I'm still looking to go with a nice well rounded bike list (I have the models and love playing them). Hope you like it!"

Solid list there taking the Fast'N'Slow concept to 2500. I'd do a couple of things though. Change the ACLC Preds to Dakka Preds. Whilst they put out great firepower, they all Preds they are really static and having static heavy firepower isn't so flash, especially in such a fast list. Whilst the Dakka Pred is just as static, if you need heavy firepower it can still move and shoot 6". With the points saved and extra points, change the HB/HB Speeders to Typhoons. YOu already have a ton of anti-infantry with Dakka Preds and mass relentless TL-bolters, so you don't really need more anti-infantry firepower. But mobile S8 shots? Sounds good.

I would also be hesitant at having two melta and two plasma bike squads. I'd personally prefer to see all melta and grab a command squad as your plasma platform. Tight on points to do this though but 3 melta/1plasma would be okay as well if you don't want to lose some of your ranged tanks.

Otherwise looks solid.

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