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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

White Dwarf Sisters of Battles... point rumors

From TastyTaste on BloodofKittens:

"Regular Sisters 12 pts each
Cannoness 75 pts base
Coffessor 55pts base
St. Celestine 175 pts
Repentia 90 pts 4 + 1 Mistress
Celestian &; Sheraphim 15 pts each
Retributer 85pts for max heavy bolters"

Now Tasty can be annoying when it comes to 40k tactics/rules (sorry Nick, you know it's true ;)) and these are rumors but he has had a pretty good knack for solid rumors of late. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and with the 2nd release only days away, we can see how correct he was.

Blablabla, those points suck with some glimmers of hope. Sisters have gone UP in price when they needed to go DOWN. 9 points was realistically where I thought they should have been and would have been an excellent, if somewhat uni-dimensional, codex with lots of 3+ armor saves. 10 points would have been fair as well depending upon the costs of other units but 12? Ya no thanks. 15 for Celestians? Really? Same price as Grey Hunters? Pass. Seraphim at 15 seem reasonable as does a 85 point squad for Retributers (though are extra bodies 12 points a pop each?) but these will all again be dependent upon options. Do Celestians still get two weapons per five? What are Immolator costs? etc.

Anywho, disappointing so far but still cannot make a full verdict until we get official points and full options. For now though, lower your expectations. Again.

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