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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back from ATC

So I've recently arrived home from Canberra and the first ever ATC and I didn't lose (four wins, one draw). Suckas! Unfortunately being a team event we came 4th (out of 6). Damnit! Full results as follows:

1st = Queensland
2nd = South Australia
3rd = Victoria
4th = New South Wales (tied with Victoria in wins but despite beating them, lost by a single battle point!)
5th = Western Australian
6th = Australian Capital Territory

Congrats to the three podium finishers! Was a great time all round with some excellent matches - thanks to all my opponents for great games and of course to my team for not losing everything *wink* :P.

I stupidly left my camera in the car so I'll need to pick it up tomorrow before we get some pictures up but I got decent enough pictures for each of my five battles so they should be coming this week. Played against Eldar (Mech + Council), Tyranids (mirror), 2x Battlewagon Orks and Blood Angels (Hybrid) with my draw coming against the Tyranids (shocking). Not a bad showing but obviously the match-ups were in my favor thanks to the format. Ended up being one of the top 5 battle point players at the event and MVP for team NSW though again, this was significantly favored due to the format and the important thing here is obviously winning the games the team expected me to win - ergo, benefit the team. I'll go into this more with a tournament format discussion.

Anywho was a great event and props to Michael Cruise for running it and I look forward to it next year :). Will put more detailed analysis up of the match-ups and which team beat whom as I get all that information but otherwise Battle Reports should be up soon!

Oh as an aside, it was great to meet some of the others here such as Matt-Shadowlord, Neil Phillips, Crynn whom all check out the 3++ box as well as a lot of the other guys on wargamerAU.

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