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Monday, September 12, 2011

Vassal Ladder Season 2

Season 2 is getting under way for the 2nd part of the Vassal league with the playoffs (top 8) for Season 1 being planned as well. There has been a bit of a delay with Katie Drake having been busy of late and SageoftheTimes has jumped in to help out the DevGaming League in running the show. You can check out more information here with the annoucement re-printed below.

"Alright, so after all of the random wtf, we have Season 2 coming up! It's happening next [weekish], so sign up, tell your friends, bribe people, and beyond all, play 40k!

Rules are basically the same as season 1, because it worked well, so don't break what worked. (If anyone has something they disagree with vehemently, say so/PM SageoftheTimes about it, keep in mind, you need to make a case for it)

Finally, those who were looking forwards to the playoffs, THEY WILL HAPPEN. We just need to figure out how we want them to take place (soon, very soon), specifically rules & formats. Might just copy Nova-style, but I'd like to look at it more closely before decisions are made.

To all those who waited patiently, thank you. To all those who want to play, sign up!

Thanks again all

The DevGaming Leagues Team"

To join Season 2 jump onto the forum and go to the registration page and follow the instructions there. Rules for the Ladder are there with another month of Vassal gaming coming up :).

Also, are people interested in doing something like this for Warmahordes as well?

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