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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Email in: Hi Kirby, Looking for Tyranid Advice Please


"Hey Kirby,

I'm Looking to Start Tyranids as noone who Plays in Tournaments here actually brings them so thought I might try as a change from my still Boring GK's so I Was looking for some advice on 2 quick 500 Point Lists, #1 with the 2 hive is more anti mech while the second one has the biovore for anti Horde, as of now I dont know too much about nids just that my best friend used to play them before he went dark eldar n what I've Read from your tournament Batreps in the last few days which made me wanna play them even more.



1 Tervigon w/ TS, AG and Cata

14 Termagaunts

8 Genestealers w/ TS

2 Hive Gaurd


Tervigon: AG, TS, Scytals, Catalyst

12 Termagaunts
9 Stealers: TS

Hive Guard




List 1 is the better here as you need that extra tank popping ability. 500 points isn't really going to tell you too much though as it's really, really easy to go rock-paper-scissors. Imagine a Space Marine army for example with 8 tanks, you can't deal with it but if you cram 6 Hive Guard in, you can't deal with 60 Orks, etc.

I'd also highly caution you that whilst Tyranids are pretty cool and you can make them do well, in a balanced tournament environment they have a lot of bad match-ups where the game is very one-sided. So just keep that in mind!

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