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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emperor's Legion Day 2

This is going to be super quick as I am heading to bed as I write this (5pm) as am still quite sick (and of course the medical centre which is open until 6pm closes before 5pm when I need to use it -thanks government :)).

Day 2 was a lot better than Day 1 in terms of physical feeling (for the first half anyway - drugs will do that) and match-ups. Whilst they weren't great match-ups for Tyranids, it wasn't throw in the towel sort of things which were nice. I went 1-0-1 btw.

Game 4 was against Lee Connor whom I know and played at Event Horizon. He had updated his Grey Knights and was using a henchmen based army with DCA in a Land Raider, Chimeras, Psybacks, Psyfledread and Rhinos. Deployment was opposite quarters with victory based on VP killed (HQ worth double) and scoring VP left alive - decent for Tyranids with Termagants but against Grey Knights...ouch (no psycannons though!). So Lee won roll-off and deployed quite well - across the lining of the zone so where I deployed, he could smack me. I went gutsy with my deployment though and refuse flanked on my short-table edge. This meant Lee could move and shoot away from me the entire game unless I stopped him. Since he had Chimeras and Psybacks/Rhinos, my aim was to use the T-Fexes to suppress the Chimeras so he couldn't move away from me and smash the face of his army with the rest of mine. This didn't happen but as it turned out, Lee didn't move and shoot away from me... he thought about it and then didn't. This basically cost him the game as he did some damage on the way in (and impressively took out my Hive Tyrant with DCA...psychotroke grenades roll a 2!) but then my army broke over him. I didn't touch his stuff on the far side but didn't need to and won 13-7 based on VP (killing my Tyrant got him 600 VP so really helped).

Game 5 was against Chee Wong whom I also know and played against at Event Horizon. This time he was using Deathwing with Devastators, Ravewing and Typhoon support. 18 missiles is tough but those Terminators are going to be hard to shift as well - if only I lots of ranged shooting! Chee's missile rolls were pretty terrible but was able to down my Tyrantstar despite this - this really helped him as I was forced to rely on crappy MCs to kill Deathwing in combat supported by Termagants. No Paroxysm either. Eventually it came down to a choice to mass assault the middle and either win or lose or keep sending in single Termagant waves and get a draw. I went for the win or lose option and despite 60 odd attacks + two T-Fexes, the Deathwing didn't lose a wound and smashed face in return (and then fearless wounds on multiple squads = lots of guys die). Gamble failed :(. In the end Chee won 2-1 on objectives and got 15-7 battle point win. Good game by Chee despite horrid missile rolls but with good target priority was able to stop what needed to be stopped and then played to Deathwing's strengths.

So overall...2-0-3 with one win being a bye - not a great weekend lol! I enjoyed myself despite being quite sick but I think this is it for Tyranids. Team match-up play they do decently as they can avoid bad match-ups but when you really get a good match-up at a tournament with no or little comp, it can get a bit depressing. Sure it's great to win with an army that is believed to be less than stellar but ya - I think I'll save them for most friendly play for the moment (or maybe when comp realises that well built Tyranids deserve a 3/5 base then I might take them to comp tournaments...oh wait, I hate those :P). It's a fully painted army though I haven't done up all the options but maybe the future will change their place... Anywho well run event and to bed for me! I'll try and get more detailed bat reps up later.

Oh and Vince went 2-1-2 and Dennis went 5-0-0 taking out the event (where was this in ATC!?!?) - props to both.

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