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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faux Latin: Help Me Make the Creatures Sound More Authentic!

So I'm working for banners/squad mottos for my Creatures of Prometheus. I'd like to do a bunch of stuff with High Gothic, but my knowledge of Latin extends... about as far as Google. I know there are some folks out there who know at least a little bit of actual Latin, so if any of them would be willing to give me some corrections here, it would be highly appreciated. I'm not actually looking for any actual "correct" stuff, since I know that's actually a pain, I'd just like to get it at least a smidge closer to actually being something similar to right.

Here's what I have so far; most of them are drawn from Thoughts of the Day and similar 40K lore:
Terminators A
"The Emperor Asks Only Our Hate"
Rough attempt: Dominum Munis Invidae Solum

Terminators B
"Behold the flame"
Rough attempt: Ecce Incendi

Terminators C
"No Weapon is a Substitute for Zeal"
Rough attempt: Telum Qui Fides Supponunt Non
(This... one was especially awkward.)

Terminators D
"Death Brings Its Own Reward"
Rough attempt: Mortis Conturbator Rmuneratus Suus
(Likewise this one is wrong on many, many levels I'm sure and, were Latin a living language still, would get me featured on their equivalent of "Engrish" joke sites.)

Assault Marines A
"Pure in Body, Pure in Heart"
Rough attempt: Castior Corpus Castior Virtuis
(I realize that Latin doesn't use the same repeated-phrase structures English does, but I'm trying to keep that intact anyways.)

Assault Marines B
"His Word is Our Strength"
Rough attempt: Dominus Verbum Nostrus Virtum

Assault Marines C
"Fear the Shadows; Despise the Night"
Rough attempt: Umbrae Timora Nocturnum Comtemptus

"The Emperor Knows; the Emperor Watches"
Rough attempt: Dominae Scio Et Custodis

(For the curious, my units will also prominently feature the Sator Square and a few other choice Latin quotes scattered about.)

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