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Friday, September 9, 2011

Off to the ATC - Finished Tyranids

By this time I'll already be in Canberra drinking (or sleeping who knows) and getting ready for games on the weekend. Obviously I won't be posting this weekend but I'll be emailing updates to Vince who promised he'd post them...we'll see if that happens! I am of course taking my Tyranids and I've pretty much finished painting the army (gasp horror) having spent the last week painting excess Termagants. The details and touch-ups still need to be done on the excess guys but otherwise, looks like the Tyranids are all done. I do have some Genestealers, Zoanthropes, Biovores and Warriors I can paint up but with the way things are currently, probably won't do so (though if I find some cheap dakkafexes on E-bay...). 

Anyway, here are some (bad) pictures for you to enjoy and I'll take plenty of pictures for battle reports in the upcoming week. Have a good weekend everyone and sorry to those who's e-mails I haven't got to. I'm about a week behind atm.

Go Team NSW! :).

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