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Friday, September 9, 2011

NOVA - Round 2 Bat Rep

Round 2 vs. Fareed's Vulkan marines
Table Quarters, Objectives, Kill points

My List:
Belial w/ LC
Librarian Terminator
DW squad - 4 TH/SS, Apothecary, SB/PF
2 x DW squad - 5 TH/SS, CML
DW squad - 2 TH/SS, 3 SB/PF, CM
DW squad - 5 SB/PF, CML
3 Bikers - 1 melta
2 x Land Speeder Typhoon w/Hvy bolter
2 x AutoLas Pred

His List:

Terminators - 3 LC, 2 TH/SS
4 x 10 Tacticals in HB Razorback, Metla/Combi-Melta/Missile Launcher
Land Raider w/Flamestorm
2 x Predator w/Autocannon
3 x Land Speeder Multi-melta/Hvy Flamer

I win first turn and scout my bikers forward. He reserved Vulkan, Librarian, and Terms in the Land Raider. Plus the 3 speeders and 2 preds were in reserve. So he only had the 40 combat squaded tacticals and the 4 razorbacks on the board to start the game. I considered this a gift as 60% of his army was in reserve and a lot of his shooting. I left 3 DW squads in Reserve with Belial and the Libby so 2 would come on 1st turn.


He seized initiative... figures.

His Turn 1: He shuffles around a bit. Razorback kills a typhoon. Shoots a bunch of missiles at my tanks, misses. Only shoots one heavy bolter at my bikes, kills one.

My Turn 1: Belial and 2 DW squads deepstrike using the bike's teleport homers. Belial and squad runs. I shake 1 razorback, take the HB off another. I kill 2 guys from two squads. Morale passed.

End of Turn 1

His turn 2: He failed all 6 reserve rolls. Razorbacks move up and everyone disembarks. Everything shoots at Belial's squad, killing 4 and wounding Belial.

My Turn 2: I make my reserve roll and deepstrike onto the middle of the board, using the teleport homers still active. I kill the two combat squads in the trees through shooting and multi-assaults. Destroy another HB on a razorback. And killed 4 guys from random squads with shooting.

End of Turn 2 (ignore the speeder and pred, photo was after is T3 reserve rolls)
His Turn 3: 3 speeders and 1 pred come in from reserve. The newly arrive speeders and pred explode 1 pred and stun my speeder and pred. The CML with Belial dies, then Belial rolls a 1 on a missile and is insta-killed. A combat squad jumps in a razorback and heads towards the bottom right objective.

My Turn 3: I move some stuff towards the center of the board for last minute tbl quarter grabbing. Explode a razorback and shake a speeder with shooting. I kill a speeder, immobilise/weap destroy the rzrback, and kill 2 guys in the same multi-assault.

End of Turn 3 (ignore the land raider and 2 more speeders, photo was after T4 reserve rolls)

His Turn 4: His final predator and LR arrive from reserve. razorback makes it to the bottom right objective. Vulkan and terminators hop out of the LR, while the Libby hides inside. Libby casts Null Zone, but my rediculously expensive Librarian cancels it out with his hood. Not that it mattered, becuase shooting and assault from Vulkan wipes out the DW squad in front of them.

My Turn 4: The 15 minute mark had been called during his turn, so no more rounds could start. That meant it was time to run for table quarters (which I would have done any way.) Bottom left quarter I have well in hand, but run a squad to that objective. I kill the razorback in the bottom right, solely for VPs as my terminators have that quarter. Top right quarter is his with most of his army there. I run the DW squad out of that one towards the top left quarter. The Librarian heads that way as well, to tip the scale.

I win, 3-1 on table quarters. 2-2 on objective. 1,000 VPs to 495.

End of Turn 4 - GAME

You may notice my laptop on in a few of the pictures. Well, the first 2 turns took 90 minutes. So I decided to take my laptop out to start on some bat reps (during the game). My opponent was a very nice guy, but just took a while to make decisions.

Side note - Does the over head picture work for you guys? I was standing on a chair to take it as I wanted to capture the whole field. Let me know for future tournaments.

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