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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Counts-As Iron Hands Idea

Hey pinkies. So I had a cool counts as idea about using Iron Hands with the Space Wolf Codex and specifically using Chumby's Loganwing list or some variation of it.

The rationale: Iron Hands don't have terminator squads but rather have termi sarges leading marines. So Wolf Guard with a terminator WG are perfect for this.

The SM codex further doesn't really do justice to the Iron Hands. Am I supposed to take A MotF with 6 dreads? Iron Hands fluffwise don't have a billion dreadies, only really their Iron Fathers get the full treatment and become Dreadies. Hence, I can add Bjorn in some games so as to represent the HQ dread that Iron Hands would have.

In terms of modelling, I had a few ideas too. The Thunderwolf Cav in the list will remain. I was thinking of using the Ironhood Brethren tracked guys as the body of the TWC conversion then adding a marine torso and lots of bionics and servo arms to taste.

Next, the Lone Wolves may represent a heavily bionicked (sp?) terminator who shrugs off shots from FnP. Lots of bionics here and servo arms too.

Some of the Fangs will have quite tech gear, having missile launchers on their backpacks with lots of cables and wiring, etc. The dready conversion will be tough but I think the FW ironclad body with GW Venerable dread arms then iron hands symbols and servo arms would be adequate. Finally, Logan himself would be another bigger terminator with bionics and servo arms (oh really?) but I'd make him stand out somehow, perhaps using a Scibor Mini as a base then converting it.

Anywho, thoughts and conversion ideas? Don't be hatin' on me (to those armchair warriors) :D And don't fucking say: Just use the SM codex you noob! I already have a codex SM army (My Imperial Fists), why would I want another with little variation to it?

Comments/thoughts gogo!

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