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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Draxos, That New Guy

Hello guys,

My name is Draxos and I have been "brought on" by Sir Biscut. I won't mention the blackmail or anything like that. Haha. Funnily enough the afore mentioned Sir Biscut and I already knew each other when he mentioned on the PP forums that 3++ was looking for a Warmachine/Hordes writer. I shot him a message and we convinced bribed Kirby to let me on the team.

Now on to the point of my ramblings, having been brought on as an author for the Privateer Press crowds I intend on writing a plethora of articles in relation to the various factions and how they work, as well as how to use themed lists and to see if they are really worthwhile. I am of course willing to take suggestions on my articles and would love to get your guys feedback. You can reach me at my email or just leave some comments.

I know from personal experience that when I listen to a podcast or read a blog I like to know a bit about the person/people talking to me. I started playing Warmachine back in January of 2010 right after MKII came out. My friend was already playing Cygnar for about 3 years at the time and easily got me into the game after an absurd test match. I quickly picked up Khador and fell in love with the variety of the casters and the variety of playstyles they afforded. I picked up Trollbloods about 8 months ago but unfortunatly I grew bored of them despite the fun of running an army of drunken goofs. The reason why I grew bored was because Trolls run very similarly to Khador but from the Hordes perspective. I just recently bought the Circle battle box for a slow grow league that my LGS that is running over the next few months. I'm sure with the movement shenanigans as well as the control and denial that Circle offers, I will using them as my second faction for some time.

Well that went on longer than I thought it would. Let's recap with four things

1) I'm gonna be writing Warmachine and Hordes articles
2) I like feedback. Contact @
3) I play Khador and soon Circle
4) Sir Biscut blackmailed me into this

Hope to talk to you guys soon.

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