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Monday, October 31, 2011

Email in: A codex marine player on a budget


"Hello Kirb&co!

I've been playing 40k for a while now but mostly low point games (1000-1500) due to my small model collection. Now I'm trying to scale up to 1750 points but I need to plan very carefully because money is an issue. I'm thinking about running some sort of 'thunderbubble' list (the article seems to be down by the way), unfortunately I'm not able to run MSU, again because of money issues. SO with that being said lest's get to it, here's what I thought for a list (the units marked with an asterisk are the ones I actually own). Note that this is the end of my collection, as you can probably tell I'm building from the AOBR set (so there's a captain too). My aim is to get the best out of what I already have without having to spend too much on extra stuff.

*1 Space Marine Librarian (HQ) Null Zone; The Gate of Infinity

7 Terminator Assault Squad (Elites) TH/SS (I own 5 of these guys, converted AOBR termies)

*1 Dreadnought (Elites) Dread. CC Weapon; Heavy Flamer; Multi-Melta

*8 Sternguard Veteran Squad (Elites) Combi-Melta (x2); Heavy Flamer (x1); Rhino

*10 Tactical Squad (Troops) Multi-Melta; Flamer; Rhino

*10 Tactical Squad (Troops) Multi-Melta; Flamer; Rhino

*5 Scout Squad (Troops) Sniper Rifles; Missile Launcher; Camo Cloaks

*1 Land Speeder Tornado (Fast Attack) Multi-Melta; Heavy Flamer

*1 Land Speeder Tornado (Fast Attack) Multi-Melta; Heavy Flamer

2 Land Speeder Typhoon (Fast Attack) Heavy Bolter; Typhoon Missile Launcher

*1 Predator (Heavy Support) 2 Spons. Hvy Bolters; Turret Autocannon

*1 Predator (Heavy Support) 2 Spons. Hvy Bolters; Turret Autocannon

Total: 1750
Vehicles: 9

looking forward to your reply, and thanks in advance!"

Considering the model restrictions, the list isn't bad. There are a couple things I would aim for.

1) Get the Sternguard squad to 10-strong. This allows you to combat squad them. A simple solution here is to buy two heavy weapon Marines with Lascannons or Missile Launchers and add those to the squad. You've then got another fire support element and a forward element with the combi-meltas plus all the bolter goodness sternguard bring and you only buy two minis. If you are able to find the bits or can scratch build a RBack turret for their Rhino, that would be good, too.

2) The Dread is going to be better off as a Rifledread over an MM Dread - you've got a bunch of Terminators and mobile MM already but lack a bit in the ranged department. It's a pretty easy conversion if you get your hands on some Imperial Guard autocannons (ask around - trade bits, etc.). Getting a 2nd dread in the same configuration would also be a great asset but this costs money (though AoBR dreads go for cheap on ebay) and replaces the Sternguard you already have.

Obviously you can't do both of these without seriously cutting (and the only place you can really cut is the TH/SS Terminators) so I'd try and go for two Rifledread and cut back on your Sternguard squad to 5-strong. If you don't want to buy that second Dreadnought, then go the Sternguard x10 route. Either way, the basis of the list in the Fast Attack, Heavy Support and Troops is solid so you're no matter what you end up doing really.

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