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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Saramoff's here.

Strange that now I'm an author for a competitive Warhammer 40k blog that the first two things I want to do are a Games Day review and a product review.

We'll get to both of those later.

Much like the offering of a world or two to the dark gods would achieve apotheosis into a Daemon Prince, the offering of my Ogre Review has let me ascend mortal blogger flesh into the ranks of 3++. Kirby has seen me fit to allow me to write as an author for this precious of blogs and I hope that I do not fail to disappoint.

So yeah, hi. I'm Saramoff. Chatbox members will know me as the man that chats a lot of rubbish about Tyranids, Grey Knights and Ogres, with Skaven to a minor degree. I know a decent bit about most of the other books, yet I'm still reading and making lists in order to learn everything. Knowledge is power and all.

I don't particularly have an area of expertise. I do make mistakes and I'm not even moderately experienced compared to the other writers here. I guess however, it's also good to have a perspective from this angle. How do you know what the best course of action if nobody tells you what the other options that others haven't considered, if they know better?

Yeah, I'm not sure either. I do however, have my own blog at Melta Martini. I'll post more personal stuff there and all the articles you'd see here ahead of time. Yay for free advertising.

I've got a post of Games Day coming up next and then possibly a bit more about Ogres, maybe Grey Knights (despite there being no need for more Grey Knights stuff. Then again, we still are waiting for the reviews. Hurry up VT2 and Biscuit.) and Tyranids or whatever army I fancy the look of.


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