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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Khador Thoughts and Advice on Lists

Hey all.

So 2 posts in 1 month, let alone 1 week? Why yes, it is madness. So as you are probably aware, Kirbasaur and I are doing warmachine (Menoth and Khador respectively). So, before I start failing by putting together shitty lists, I would like some advice from the pinkies regarding Khador builds for specific casters.

So what I have now: pButcher, Vlad (I got the epic version since the model is better but will mostly use the prime version), pSorscha, Juggernaut, Destroyer, Beast09, 5 Man o War, Man o War Kovnik, Windowmakers, Manhunter and a Wardog.

What else I am planning to get: Karchev, Spriggan, Behemoth, Winterguard with UA, Kovnik Joe, 2 rocketeers, Eiryess, Airanna and Holt and Great Bears (and possibly a devastator and old witch down the track).

So my question for you guys would be this: what are the good list combos for pVlad, pSorscha and pButcher so that I can start WM with a solid list then go from there? I assume we will be playing a fair few 35 pt games then moving up to 50 pts (with lots of 15/25 pt games sprinkled around as we get the hang of the game).

I would imagine that WGI for anyone who can give them Iron Flesh would be good, as well as an all rounder jack like behemoth with some annoyance from Eiryess and widowmakers. I was thinking about adding Doom Reavers, Kayazy assassins but decided against this for now since I'm going to have max unit of man o war and I don't want them simply collecting dust like my dwarf slayer army. So that'll do for now, any help would be greatly appreciated for a noob looking at getting into the hang of WM :)

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