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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Email in: Bloodhammer army



I was hoping that you could give some feedback on a list which I have been working on. I have contacted you before about an Iron Hands army which you critiqued for me, so thanks for that (unfortunately painting that much black proved my undoing, so its half finished in a box hidden in my cupboard!)

When the Blood angels codex came out I built and painted a 1750 jumper army based around some of your articles but have never had much luck with it on the tabletop unfortunately. The list was:

Librarian with jump-pack
Honour guard with 4 meltaguns
3x full assault squads with 2 meltaguns and powerfist
3x sanguinary priests with jump-packs
2x vanguard with glaive and stormshield, lightning claw and stormshield, powerfist and bolt pistol, 2 normal guys

I have decided to change this so that it has a bit more ranged shooting through the use of missile launchers. As the vanguard came out to provide points I have also jigged around the rest of it a little with the introduction of Dante and some sanguinary guard, so that the army now looks like this:

Librarian with jump-pack
Sanguinary Guard with 2x infernus pistols and chapter banner
2x full assault squads with 2 meltaguns and powerfist
3x sanguinary priests, one on foot, one with jump-pack, and one with jump-pack and power weapon
2x 5 man devastators with 4 missile launchers

The plan is that the priest with the power weapon goes with the guard, the one on foot hangs back with the devastators and the other one goes with a full assault squad. the other assault squad gets split in half with one part staying back to protect the devastators and the other half either being a deep striking suicide melta squad (like the honour guard) or providing cover for the guard to advance. The librarian and Dante can be assigned were either they are needed for the particular game. Does this sound like a decent plan to you?

Also if i planned on taking it up to 2000 points I was thinking that just bringing back in the other assault squad and adding a power weapon to the other priest with the jump-pack would probably be a good idea, would you agree?

I am currently painting the devastators and the guard and have just got to build my Dante model, which as this army is actually Flesh Tearers means he is going to be based around a converted Seth model. Once i have finished the army I will send you some photos if you would like.

Many thanks for any advice which you can give me with this army


The list overall is okay but I think it could be made a bit better if you're looking for top-notch. Libby + Dante is expensive, even at 2000. The tough choice here is always which one would you prefer to take? I think Libby is more integral for BA Jumper based armies though Dante certainly adds some awesome firepower.

Dropping one of those HQs gives you some options a lot. Giving both of the Jump Pack priests Power Weapons/Lightning Claws, getting a 3rd Devastator squad, grabbing a Scout squad to sit back with the Devs for scoring, another ASM or Sang Guard squad, etc. are all good choices. For reference, at 1750 I have 25 ASM, 10 Sang Guard, 15 Devs, Libby and 3 Priests - this is light on the scoring side and looking for at offensive output so dropping Dante and adding another Devastator squad and Scout squad will give you something similar (yet different) whilst still keeping the Sang Guard squad you currently have.

Again, there are a lot of choices and what you have isn't really bad but could simply be refined. You could drop the Libby instead of Dante as well and use those points for another Dev squad, Scouts, half an ASM squad, etc. The core is there, justneed to tweak it a bit!

And pics would be great :).

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