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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Email in: Footslogging Henchmen


"So I present a challenge to you. I've been testing and tweaking a 1500 point list that uses only walkers as vehicles. It is basically a footslogging list. Now creating a GK footslogging list with psycannon spam, purifiers or paladins can be done but with henchmen it is a different story. We are dealing with troops that will flee off the table after a few rounds of shooting if we don't set up properly - happened quite a few times before I changed to using Karamazov. Karamazov certainly helps shore up the list expensive as he is. I also found I needed a credible threat up front and some ranged firepower. In went a few psyfledreads, a DK and some monkeys. I need at least five units that can hit a vehicle at 48" and another few that I can hit with at closer range or I'll get pushed around. I stuck the big "K' with my Techmarine/DCA squad the last few games, btw. Coteaz obviously is with the plasma servitors. The list has either performed very well or failed dramatically.

I ended up with this ...

== ][ 1500 ][ - Hammer of the Emperor ==

HQ: Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz - 100

HQ: Inquisitor Lord Fyodor Karamazov - 200

EL: 1x Techmarine - Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, 3 Servoskulls - 124

TR: 3x 11 Henchman Squad - 3x Meltagun Acolytes, 5 Stormbolter Acolytes, 2x Warrior Acolytes, 1x Jokaero Weaponsmith - 360

TR: 1x 11 Henchman Squad - 3x Plasma Cannon Servitors, 5 Stormbolter Acolytes, 2x Warrior Acolytes, 1x Jokaero Weaponsmith - 138

TR: 1x 12 Henchmen Squad - 2x Meltagun Acolytes, 6x Death-Cult Assassins, 4x Crusaders - 178

HS: 2x Venerable Dreadnought - 2x Twin-linked Autocannons, Psybolt Ammo - 270

HS: 1x Nemesis Dreadknight - 2x Doomfists - 130

5 Scoring Troops
59 Infantry
3 Walker
20 Stormbolters
11 Meltaguns
4 TL Autocannons
4 Digital Weapons
3 Plasma Cannons
1 Multi-melta "

Ironically, Sir Biscuit and I have actually talked about such a list though we did it a bit differently - we ran with Purifiers as back-up :P. Anyway, you've got the right idea with Coteaz + Karadread - you need that re-roll Ld but Acolyte squads. I think though you've gone overboard on what's in the actual units though. Rather than mixing and matching with all the different henchmen, simply running a bunch of really cheap Acolytes with stormbolters (plus three with meltaguns) is a ton of firepower. You then run the unit or two of DCA with Techmarines (Karadread in one, Coteaz in the other) to punch through tougher units/counter-assault.

Having Psyfledreads is nice though they are going to be huge targets but with AV12 + fortitude and three of them, they should be alright. I probably wouldn't bother with the Dreadknight though.

The problem with the list is going to be taking out walkers and the like if they make it to your lines and DCA whilst great, can't do everything. This is why we included Purifiers in our lists and forewent DCA. We then had 70ish Acolytes with Stormbolters + Meltaguns and then a bunch of Psycannon + Hammer wielding Grey Knights. This was at higher point levels though so might be an option you'd like to consider if you move up and are happy to break the henchmen theme.

Anyway I think the list is workable but needs some Henchmen trimming - whether or not it will do really well consistently without the Purifiers? I'd probably lean to not really. The psyfledreads + Karadread help with ranged firepower and not being run off the table but opponents can run circles around you as the meltaguns move into range (another reason Purifiers with Psycannons were included). Against heavy infantry armies or mech armies which need to come to you - you'll do alright. Against armies which can stay away until you get close, you'll find yourself in dire straights which seems to be the case from what you've said. Do well or lose big.

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