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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Email in: Jumpy armies

I am new wh40k player. I've started playing Blood angels (love assault
marines!) and getting some models. Also I was playing with my friend (IG) some 500-1k point games. We settled for a while at 750 point which seems optimal to our posessions of models (too much proxy is troublesome).

I was going against him with
Libby with JP
2x ASM PF double melta
2x sang priest with JP

all reserves. Deep strikes in his face and 75% games won. Then my other friend started playing orcs. And here the problems start. He has so much bodies and attacks that I'm just getting flooded and in the end i'm getting teared down. My first thought is not enough long range shooting. Even tactical squad would be a game changer. But they can be easily chased down by orks, not to mention shoot out by leman russ or manticora.

To the point.
I've seen some pure jumper armies on your blog. I like them very much and I'm looking to build one over time. But how do you tackle problem of mob style cc (or pure cc armies like khorn).

Also, what do you think about my list? Any comments?


You're encountering two problems here. First, the points level. Second, the army. Pure jumper armies have some match-ups they just don't like and anytime they are forced to deal with lots of infantry is generally one of them as they have very few options to hurt enemy infantry before they get there. Orks shouldn't really be a problem with mass S5/I5 attacks and FNP but they can be. To fix this you need ranged units such as Devastators, Land Speeders, Attack Bikes, Stormravens, Dreadnoughts, Sternguard/Tacticals, Bikes, etc. which moves away from the pure Jumper theme whilst keeping it in tact.

The issue now becomes points - at 750 (or anything below 1500 really) you cannot build an all-comers list without gimping yourself massively. If you add in some units to your current list to help deal with infantry at range, you dilute the strength of your army so much, that advantageous match-ups for you are no longer good match-ups, etc.

So in terms of your list currently, it's fine. As you start to move to 1500 though - look to add some Devastators instead of mass ASM as this will give you more tactical options.

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