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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

... fester - who are you again?

Good evening ladies and germs.
Long time no see, and that is how it goes when you have two kids, and no 40k playtime since June.

Anyway, I have been beating away at my Loganwing, and with me running "fester's Xmas Bash" the first weekend of December - a one day 1500pt no comp nova event (4 games), and playing in it as well, the army is coming together.

Today, my Chaos Knights turned up so I could start on the Thunderhoof Cav.

Anyway, onto the gratuitous photos!

A few of the boys from a photo taken last week

Now, the thunderhoof cav.
Both are solo-cav, with Powerfist / SS.

For those with  a keen eye those are Cygnar Sentinal arms.

I know these look a bit... dare I say it ... dicky, but as a proof of concept I like them. They look very Mechanicus'y in my opinion.

 Oh, and finally for those who haven't gone to sleep, the list.

Lone Wolf, TDA/SS/CF
Lone Wolf, TDA/SS/TH

5 WG, 1xTDA/CML/PF, 4 power armor
5 WG, 1xTDA/CML/PF, 4 power armor
5 WG, 1xTDA/CML/CF, 4 power armor
5 WG, 1xTDA/CML/CF, 4 power armor

Thuderwolf Cav, PF/SS
Thuderwolf Cav, PF/SS

6 Long Fangs, 5 ML
5 Long Fangs, 4 ML

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