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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Land Speeder Conversions & Marine WIP

I've always had an issue with the Land Speeders and the justification used for them not being open-topped. Hurrr I'm in Powa ARMOR! I count as AV10 RAWR. Then a Lascannon comes in and hits your console because there's no armor to stop it...but it's okay you're in POWA ARMOR. Anyway, I know realism isn't a thing with 40k but it's always a look that's annoyed me on the new Speeder models (I like the old 2nd ed ones more as speeders) so I decided to make mine 'enclosed' - much like the Tempest model (and not having money to spend on Tempest models). Thus, I used some plasticard and elbow grease to make my own enclosures!

Of course prolifercation of magnets was also a requirement to ensure the Typhoon missile launchers can come off at any time, an underslung weapon can be added in and the heavy bolter can be swapped out. It's both a Typhoon and any other Land Speeder I could want. Love you long time magnets.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the WIP shots. The base design is there but I haven't filled in any gaps and still need to expand the casing to cover the legs (done on 1 of the four sides shown). Not the most elegant pieces of work but they do their job :P. Plus my speeders look different from yours now nananana.

And finally some shots of my table currently as I'm feverishly working on my Marines to get them all magnetised and swappable for the Blood Angels Flamestorm army. I've magnetised most of the Marines now and it's a matter of painting them! Luckily the vehicles aside from the Typhoons are pretty much done but still need to paint around 30 Marines and four Attack

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