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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Updating Site Links & pre-release thoughts on Necrons

Okay so two important things today. One - if you haven't updated 3++'s site link on your website or signature - please do so! The new web address is (www is required). Please and thank you. My little statistics heart is crying out as sites linking in has dropped my google ranking :P. Also, if you could press the +1 Google+ thing when not clicking into a post, that'd be great. For everyone who has done this previously, changing the web address has wiped this. Otherwise all in-site links should be updated though links in old posts will still simply re-direct you and open a new tab. Too many for me to update I'm afraid though if you find one with lots of links, let me know and I can update them. If there are any other issues you've discovered as we've moved the site over, please let me know and I'll fix them ASAP.

More site stuff... I'm currently looking for advertisers from companies in relation to miniature gaming. Currently talking with Battlefoam and Spikey Bitz so hopefully will have some special deals to offer readers at some point. Anyone looking to advertise though just contact me. Otherwise, with the move to include more Warmachine/Hordes content I'm going to try and balance out the posts each week. There will be at least one 40k based post a day if not more but I'll be aiming for at least one non-40k post as well. For the most part these will be Fantasy and Warmachine/Hordes articles as this is still predominately a 40k site with some branching out. We've brought on a couple new authors specifically for Warmachine/Hordes (you've met Draxos already) and we're looking for some more Fantasy authors if anyone is so inclined. Nikephoros from Bringer of Victory has signed up but he has his own blog to contend with - it's nice to have some clout though! There will be some weeks where there is more or less of a particular system but it should average out over the lifespan of a month or so. Any feedback in relation to this is appreciated.

Furthermore, I was sent an email by Matthew talking about his blog - Mid-West Monster Lab which looks like a great hobby site. I'm looking forward to the rest of that building a table series. I can then combine what Matthew has said with what Dethtron has said and...profit!

Boring stuff out of the way... time to look at Necrons. We have the rough outline of what Necrons are going to be like by now though Games Workshop has been annoyingly effective and stopping any codex leaks (we want black boxes)! So what do I think...?

Overall I think the army is going to suffer some of the issues Grey Knights do and that's reliably dropping tanks (and yes, GK have this issue and no I don't think they are up there with IG/SW as one of the best armies around). If we combine this with the lack of AP1 seen in Dark Eldar as well (outside of a few choices) can we assume 6th edition is going to lighten the mech load just a little bit? This is a reasonable conclusion for anyone with a brain stem but knowing Games Workshop this might be taken too far. Regardless, the main issue I see here is the lack of true anti-tank weapons available in Troops. Ask Tyranids how that's working out in 5th edition. Again, this might be less of an issue in 6th edition but currently it could prose a problem. That said, mass guass weaponry and Scarabs 'draining' AV or however that will work can still put some hurt on heavier vehicles (the issue as always, is lots of cheap vehicles).

Which brings us to Necron vehicles... AV13 walls - cute! Combined with living metal these things are more resilient than their statlines might suggest and I'm intrigued by the potential ability to 'heal' immobilised/weapon destroyed results (though I believe this is only for Catacombs). This is certainly a way to improve single weapon vehicles. The overall design though seems more inclined to a Hybrid still list rather than full spam - much like Dark Eldar. The problem with investing in the AV13 type vehicles is an army which can hit through AV13 pretty well will drop those shields quickly and then you're left with over-expensive AV11/open-topped vehicles which I imagine you pay quite a bit for. Their weapon loadouts will also determine how effective this might or might not be. On the flip side...some armies are going to struggle mightily with AV13 at range outside of their meltaguns so another move away from S7/meltaguns is likely in order if you haven't got the memo yet.

Special characters seem to have a nice array of abilities. I can see a lot of people complaining about the ability to throw nightfight around but with the vast amount of searchlights/acutesenses/other night-fighting abilities running around, this shouldn't be too big an issue. Sure some of your ranged static units might not to get to fire occasionally and bad dice can screw things over but building a list to rely upon this, is likely not going to be a good idea. Still - prepare for calls of cheese. I'm not sure what FoC movements there are as Immortals start off as Troops though the Destroyer Lord running Destroyers as Troops would be very nice indeed.

And finally - combat. The basic Necron statline is still pretty crap at combat and it looks like the majority of weapon ranges sit around 24-36" with an emphasis on being able to move and shoot so the question becomes - how will the combat units fit into all of this? There's obviously been an upswing in combat units plus the usual favorites of Wraiths and Scarabs (Flayed Ones weren't any one's favorites right?) but how they fit in will be interesting to see. A combat based army could be a viable option depending upon the transport layouts but I think it unlikely and would imagine these units are more likely to be counter-assault based whilst Wraiths/Scarabs are left to disrupt the opponent through quick engagements.

Anyway just some food for thought regarding Necrons - what are yours? *waits for November 5th*

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