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Friday, November 18, 2011

WIP Truescale Dakka / Psybolt Dreadnought

MBG here, with a some sweet WIP shots of a Psynought Dred.  My buddy Beef (hold the cheddar) stopped by the other day with a new WIP, a Ravenguard Dakka Dreadnought

He converted this puppy up good, with a bunch of solid true scale aspects, heck you can't even tell those are sentinel legs till you see it from behind.

The model kinda almost reminds me of a Battletech Mech as well. I'm no expert on that game, so I wont even try to name the specific Mech, BUT it's definitely close to one of them.

This guy can also double as a Grey Knight Psybolt Dreadnought as well with a little switch in icons, lol.

So anyways its Friday, this is all I got for this one, as I haven't even begun to dissect this model yet. But hey it's a Work In Progress, so I'm sure we'll see more soon!

Check the three-sixty below to get a better lookie.

Wanna see some other cool work in progress stuff, checkout some of Beef's other work here.

What do you think? Good conversion scale-wise, or not? -MBG

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