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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 - What can we look forward to in 40k?

2012 is just around the corner... what does it hold for our favorite hobby?

2012 is rumored to be a big year for Warhammer 40,000. First, 3++con will be having it's inaugural year.... that's really it right? Moving beyond my egoistic ways though, 2012 is supposed to bring us some long awaited codex updates as well as an edition change. Two of these armies are personal favorites of mine and I will be very glad to bring them out, wipe the dust off and grab some new minis to paint! The new edition...well it could be great or it could be crap. Hell it could be somewhere in the middle, too! Let's take a look at what the rumor mill is telling us.

Tau - 

Tau or Black Templars are next up in terms of codex releases and I'm torn on what I want. Tau will inject a bit of life back into the game I feel as everyone is so despondent these days. That being said, Necrons didn't really seem to create that big of a stir. Maybe it's just the state of the edition but regardless, whenever Tau come out there will be happy feelings from me. Tau are one of the armies I find most aesthetically pleasing and seeing them get a face lift and a rules update will be great.

The issue? Crudance is rumored to be writing the book who has a terrible track record and its being written before 6th edition is rumored to come out. Whilst everyone is tooting their horn over Games Workshop designing all the armies from Imperial Guard onwards for 6th edition, I call the obvious bullshit and will believe it when I see it. They can barely get their act together in one edition let alone in that edition and plan for the next one. The last few books may have had wording and constructs from 6th edition in mind but will they actually be 6th ed capable? Who knows.

And this brings us to...

6th edition -

I am honestly very uneasy about what's coming around the corner with 6th edition. It's one of the main reasons I started Warmahordes if the rumors we've seen are anything close to accurate. Whilst some of them are nice, others like a to hit chart based on the opponent's movement last turn (hey I go first, you didn't move, I alpha strike your ass off the board. gg) or stratagems (did they work in ANY of your expansions? no.) are just terrible.

However, the game needs a change-up. I'm personally quite happy playing 5th edition for a bunch longer (assuming all armies got updates where they are as viable as the current 5th edition books minus Tyranids) but as a blogger, the game could use an injection of life as it gives me more topics to talk about! There are also some tweaks that really need to be made which have reared their head time and again. The vehicle damage chart needs to be just a little more damaging to tanks in some form, cover needs to be less awesome, combat needs a buff, etc. But that's just it, these are tweaks and not whole-sale changes but I feel Games Workshop just might be dumb enough to overhaul the system...

We will see.

Eldar -

Eldar have taken a back seat in the rumors to Tau and Black Templars but I would be very happy to see them released in 2012 which is an outside chance at best I think. However, being my oldest army alongside Tyranids, seeing them get an update and being viable again will tickle me pink - I'd love to paint some more Eldar and piece back together the army I have currently (as it is now, it's multi-colored :P).

Black Templars - 

I almost want these guys to come out next so Tau can come out after 6th edition has been released so they don't suffer editionitis. However, 40k really needs more viable xenos armies currently and Black Templars and Dark Angels can be held off for a while thanks to their FAQs. I'd rather see Chaos updated as the 'power armor army' in 2012 as they have so much more variety compared to Space Marines and well they're Chaos man? What's not to love?

Conclusion -

Anyway, some exciting things in terms of army releases and a core mechanics update. How these pan out will play a big role in what happens to the future of Games Workshop and their games (specifically 6th edition obviously). Fingers crossed for some awesome releases in 2012!

Let us know what has you excited (or worried) about in 2012 in relation to wargaming. Don't keep it just to 40k as I know there are some big Warmahorde releases (I just did that post on the Myrmidons!) and Fantasy stuff around the corner as well.

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