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Friday, December 2, 2011

3++ con - Player Sheet, Missions & Day Two Brackets [Draft]

The player pack is being put together now and I thought I'd throw you a bone with a sneak peak of the Player Sheet, Day Two Brackets and missions. This is unconfirmed yet so is still classified as a Draft! The missions shouldn't be anything new for anyone who has played in NOVA based tournaments before but the combination of conditions and deployments used is generally a bit different from tournament to tournament.

So here's the draft copy of the Round 1 Player Sheet individuals get to carry around (there will be six of these for you to fill out during the day).

We can see the current breakdown of Battle Points which will be used for seeding on Day 2 and calculating your Overall score as well as the brief Sports score + Best Opponent option which determines prizes for Best Sports (not related to Overall score). We don't see Paint which is done by judges over the two days and otherwise we see the basic mission parameters we should all be used to by now (KP, Quarters, Objectives and VP) to ensure there are no draws.

The first day is all about seeding you for Day 2 which will be broken down into brackets of eight players. Our goal player number is 40 which would give us five brackets (Pink, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze). Day 2 becomes a knock-out like tournament but with a reverse bracket for the losers as follows:

This gives us a nice and neat 1st through to 8th place for each bracket with emphasis on not losing. Once you lose your ceiling rank drops. The more you lose, the lower your ceiling (i.e. the lower the highest rank you can obtain becomes). Brackets are based on W/L record on Day 1 with seeds based on Battle Points accumulated. This means you can go 3-0 but have potentially less battle points than someone who went 2-1 yet will still be seeded above them.

And finally the missions...

Simple NOVA format with a primary, secondary and tertiary victory conditions (Victory Points is always the final deciding factor). With six games we can use each deployment type twice and each victory parameter sees two uses of being the primary, secondary and tertiary to ensure an even mix. Objectives are controlled as per 5th edition and there will be five spread out in the centre of each table quarter plus one in the middle. Kill points will be marginal (you need to win by three kill points). Table Quarters will need a scoring unit to control it but will otherwise be based upon which player has the most Victory Points in each (scoring units always count as full Victory Point purposes). Victory Points is straight from the 5th edition rulebook.

In theory this gives MSU an advantageous mission (objectives), non-MSU armies an advantageous mission (Kill Points) and a middle ground mission which supports both (table quarters; larger squads can dominate table quarters easily, MSU has more options for moving points to and from table quarters).

Anyway, I hope this whets your appetite! I stress again these are drafts currently and the player's pack is being put together as we speak so be prepared for the official version soon!

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