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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Infinity: Factions Part 1: Humanity

Firstius is back after the rousing interest generated in his first Infinity article. This time he is taking a look at each of the factions available to players of Infinity in a two part series. The first covers the human based factions. Enjoy!

Before I get into this overview it is important to note that the factions in Infinity are very flexible. So it is less about what each faction can do but how they do it and how they counter it. As a result writing up this overview is a difficult task and I will focus on the various quirks of each faction rather than specific tactics.

For the record I own and play Combined, Pan O, Yu Jing (ISS), Ariadna. I also have some experience with Haqqislam. Because I am weak when it comes to tiny sci-fi metal men and women, Nomads (Bak), are on my to buy list.

Pan Oceanic

These guys are the stem from the South East Asia, Oceania and a few other nations who became a dominant economic power after the crash of the US economy through Europe into hell. Their society is wealthy, influential and technologically advanced.

-Pan O have good shooting. On average their guys have a 5% greater chance to hit than the other actions.
-They have lots of high tech toys including state of the art TAGs (mechs), side kick robots called Auxbots and the much feared Multi-Spectral Visor level 3.
-What Pan O lacks is low tech equipment, meaning they have no access to things like smoke grenades, cheaper camo options or warbands (cheap disposable troops skilled in close combat).
-You will also find that most of their troops have a lower Will Power (used for morale, medic/engineering and hacking) stat and lack specialist training and veteran skills (because they're dudes with targeting systems rather than grizzled vets).

Military Orders (Knights), Neo Terra (City guard/police), Aconticemento (Jungle Fighters).

Yu Jing

Pan O's biggest rival stems from East Asia dominated by Chinese Imperialism. Their society isn't as open or free as Pan O but they are very driven and posses a strong sense of nationalist pride. The powers of Yu Jing have successfully forged a society that blends ancient traditions and cultural values with modern technology and necessities.

-Yu Jing have good close combat skills, and many troops with martial arts training and special close combat load outs (monofilament katanas!). Unfortunately this means that you sometimes pay a premium for close combat load outs you won't use in every game.
-Their tech is only a notch below Pan O with a few surprises like the transforming robot Su Jian and the Karakuri geisha robot.
-They have stacks of camouflage troops and power armoured heavy infantry.

Imperial Service (Secret/Military Police) , Japanese Army.


Freaks, outcasts and convicts comprise the anarchic Nomad nation (three big space ships that tour the human colonies). In this faction one will find warrior nuns, genetically altered punks (cat-girls, shark men), black market information brokers, massai warriors and soldiers for hire.

-Nomads love their hacking and drones. They are one of the few factions who can pull of the much dreaded Guided Missile and Hacking Device+ combo and most of their drones have climbing+ allowing them to scale vertical surfaces with ease.
-They also sport a solid line up of good medium infantry, camo and freaky troops (with suitably freaky abilities like bullet dodging).
-It is hard to pin down the Nomads play style but it leans towards dirty tricks and board control.
-They lack heavy infantry options, and their troops are squishy in general.
-Oh and they have Krazy Koalas which are little robot koala bears that run at the enemy and explode! (These are real in Australia)

Bakunin (nuns and freaks), Corregidor (African/South American Convicts turned Nomad security and mercenaries).


The nation of Haqqislam descended from a splinter Islamic sect. This faction doesn't enjoy the high standards of living the other factions do. However, their culture's focus on knowledge, faith and learning mean they are at the absolute forefront of medical science and biological engineering. They also control Silk, one of the most valuable commodities in the Human Sphere.

-Haqqislam have excellent Willpower, lots of religious troops (helps in morale)
-They also have loads of doctors (meaning your opponent will be required to devote orders to finishing off your troops).
-Their biotechnology means they have access to the dreaded viral weapons and some abilities that are usually reserved for aliens (like shape shifting and super jump).
-A lot of Haq's weapons tend to be low tech and come with integrated shotguns which is handy but not optimal.

Hassassin Bahram (think Assassin Creed meets Dune), Qapu Khalqi (sci-fi caravan guards)


These guys descend from Scotland, France, Russia and America colonists. When humanity discovered stable wormholes these guys launched a combined colonisation program. Unfortunately soon after their passage the wormhole collapsed and the first wave of colonists found themselves stranded on the rich but hostile planet Ariadna. Their colonisation plan was left in ruins and the battle for survival began.

-Ariadna are low tech. This is both a strength and weakness because they can not hack but nor can they be hacked. Their gear is also less likely to be disabled by EMP weapons.
-Ariadna have numerous low tech dirty tricks and weapons including AHLs (glue guns), EMP mines and the auto cannon.
-They favour cheap disposable units, hardcore veterans with loads of special abilities and camo troops.
-They also have werewolves which are scary as hell.
-Their lack of tech means they lack a few of the luxury equipment choices including Multispectral Visors Lvl 2 and advanced airborn deployment options.

Merovingian Response Army (French), Caledonian Highlander Army (Scottish)

My next article will feature: the alien Combined and the post human Aleph as well as s few list building tips. Once again I will try my best to answer any questions in the comments section.



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