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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dice...going slowly

I'd like to apologise sincerely to everyone who has ordered dice in the second wave, I know they've been a long time in coming! Unfortuantely the production time took a while and we had to gather up all those last minute orders.

To the current delay... I've had the dice for two weeks now but haven't done much with them - moving apartments does that! I've got them all bagged up and ready to go however, so today I'm heading down to the post office to sign all those annoying custom forms and send them on their way. Being Christmas...well I'm not sure how they'll take but on expects longer than the usual one-two weeks overseas shipping generally takes (<1 week for Australia/New Zealand).

If you haven't received your dice order by sometime in mid-January, contact me and we'll see if we can't find where they are. To those who have e-mail me in relation to spare dice, I will contact you shortly all at once to inform you how many are left - you will have first pick.

Again, very sorry for the delays everyone and I hope they get to you before Christmas!

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