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Friday, December 9, 2011

Email in: Blood Angels Tri-Raven Attempt 2000 points

Ded 'Ard

"Howdy, Kirby! Relatively new player here, less than a year of experience, but I've hit the addiction hard with one army finished and another in progress and trying to learn as much as I can to close the gap with people that have more experience than me. I was drawn to the Blood Angels codex as my second army because of the variety of viable units that I could field, and I'm painting up a bunch of Assault Marines after acquiring them secondhand on the cheap, but I haven't decided on what else to put in the army. The main build I was going for was a sort of "Predators screening for Assault Marines" idea, but then I got bit by a bug to try and make a list with three Stormravens work. This is what I came up with, some explanations after:

Mephiston, Lord of Death -- 250 points

Reclusiarch -- 130 points

5-man Assault Marines -- 130 points
>1 Meltagun
>Razorback (Twin-linked Heavy Bolter)

5-man Assault Marines -- 130 points
>1 Meltagun
>Razorback (Twin-linked Heavy Bolter)

5-man Scout Squad -- 100 points
>Camo Cloaks
>Sniper Rifles
>1 Missile Launcher

5-man Death Company -- 185 points
>4 Power Weapons
>1 Power Fist

Death Company Dreadnought -- 125 points
>Blood Talons

2 Sanguinary Priests -- 100 points

Furioso Dreadnought -- 125 points
>Blood Talons

Furioso Dreadnought -- 125 points
>Blood Talons

Heavy Support
Stormraven Gunship -- 200 points
>Twin-linked Multi-melta
>Twin-linked Plasma Cannon

Stormraven Gunship -- 200 points
>Twin-linked Multi-melta
>Twin-linked Lascannon

Stormraven Gunship -- 200 points
>Twin-linked Multi-melta
>Twin-linked Lascannon

So here's the explanation, although you might have already seen most of it from the units I took. Each Stormraven carries a dreadnought, and filling the infantry compartments are Mephiston, one of the Priests, and the Reclusiarch with his Death Company. The second priest attaches to one of the ASM squads in Razorbacks to project a FNP bubble protecting my scoring units (The two ASM squads and the scout squad). I gave them meltaguns because I wanted them to be able to deal with any last-turn contesting vehicles in a pinch.

As for my though process on the offensive punch of the army, I of course first took my three Stormravens and then tried to think of some very nasty things for them to carry. First thought was 3 Blood Talon dreads, which meant I'd have to take a DC dread, and since I already was spending the 100 points on the 5 Death Company, I figured some careful point-spending could make them a very nasty close-combat mauler. I tried to make sure they didn't get too costly while still trying to deal hefty damage with only 5 marines. Attaching them to a Chaplain would have been my more ideal choice, but lacking elite slots I went with a Reclusiarch. After that, Mephiston seemed like an easy choice to leap out of a second Stormraven. I included a Sanguinary Priest to store on his own in the third raven so that he could project his bubble to grant Furious Charge to the dreads and maybe FnP to Mephiston (not worried about the Reclusiarch since the DC give him FnP, at least that's how I think it works). After that I spent the rest of the points on some scoring units that will stay in reserve as long as they can. I would have liked to buy a third ASM squad in a Razorback instead of the Scouts, but points did not permit this.

So, ideally the three gunships race across the field and deposit 3 Blood Talon dreadnoughts, Mephiston, a Reclusiarch, and 5 Death Company with power weapons into the opponent's face, with most or all of them benefiting from Furious Charge. Theoretically the gunships only have to survive for one turn with a cover save before the Dreadnoughts pop out and present armor saturation. After that, they can zip around and provide fire support for as long as they can. What do you think? Is my army idea inherently flawed? Or is there actually a way to make 3 Stormravens work, and I'm just on the wrong track? I really like the model so I'd like to incorporate it into my army if possible, but I've heard a lot of bashing on the SR as being not survivable.

Thanks for your help!"

You're overspending on the Death Company aspect and that's a major reason why DC Dreads don't see much use. The DC themselves aren't flash hot and then getting them a Reclusiarch makes them even more expensive. Personally, drop the DC aspect completely. What your list lacks is scoring and saturation so we want to try and get more scoring options in there whilst upping the tank count as well. Running 2x Furiosos + Mephiston will also give each Storm Raven something scary to carry as well.

With the points saved from the DC you have two real options - more ASM in Razorbacks or Land Speeders. You only have three scoring units so I'd be looking tomax out the ASM in Razorbacks first and any spare points can go into Land Speeders for extra fire support or more fast melta options. You'll want the Razorbacks with something more than the twin-linked heavy bolters though, at the minimum twin-linked heavy flamers are nice but asscannons or lasplas would be the best options (though the most expensive as well).

You can also skip on the Priests really - you'll only have up to 30 infantry and without paying for combat upgrades, it's not a good investment of points. Maybe one or an Honor Guard instead? But I think with the Furiosos + Mephiston you won't really need them as they'll be carrying the brunt of the weight in combat regardless.

5 pinkments:

Bartali said...

Sorry to pick on the emailer, but I groan inside every time I see a Mephiston/DC/Stormraven list. They're awash on forums across the interwebs, and it's becoming rare that I see any BA lists that are any good. In particular huge DC points sinks are increasingly common

Duke of Earl said...

I love the descent of angels aspect of Blood Angels. The uber-mech not so much.

Jason said...

"In particular huge DC points sinks are increasingly common "

I've been playing DC more lately for fun, but I'm definitely reminded every game that the terminators I switched out for the DC are far better.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kirby or someone else from the pool of talented individuals could make use of them in some lists? I know people at my club asked around for double raider lists with 1 of them filled with DC instead of termies etc. Viable? No idea.

Time for 3++ to show how DC can be used!

Sage said...

Weither going for Asscannons or Las/plas, remember you'll need more anti-tank, so these are musts. TL-Heavy Bolters are ok for GKs because they can be S 6, pure and simple.

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