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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Email in: Dark Eldar Mech List 1750pts

"Dear Kirby,

I know you're likely very busy with misc emails, especially with the latest Necron codex release, but I was wondering if you could help me with a list? My wife and I are going to be starting a Dark Eldar army soon, and while we initially thought about getting the Dark Eldar Megaforce (+ extras), the lack of webstores here in the US to sell it to us in time meant we instead opted for the following:

1 Dark Eldar Battleforce
1x Lelith
2x Venom
1x Scourges
1 x Ravager

I know running a brief list I came up with totalled up to about 1000pts, so when we have time we would like to expand to 1750, perhaps by purchasing and adding in the following:
Additional Battleforce
1x Raider
1x Razorwing
1 x Ravager

So I was wondering basically if you could help us make a decent list, using as much as the models as we possibly could? My wife really loves the Lelith model (hence the somewhat odd inclusion). Obviously with the additional models above that we haven't purchased we are pretty flexible, and in essence we'v love to come up with a list with decent shooting (poison/darklight) very mobile (all mounted or fast ideally) and of course, affordable with minimal additional bits purchases? I hope that's all ok! Anyway here's the list I brainstormed in the meantime (I'm probably miles off here but hey, I'm sure you can help out)

9x Bloodbrides (Razorflails or Shardnets), Raider, Aethersails
10 Wyches, 2x Shardnet, Hekatrix w Agoniser, Raider, Aethersails
10x Warriors, Blaster, SCannon, Raider, Splinteracks
(2x) 5x Warrior, Blaster, Venom, Extra Splintercannon
6x Jetbikes, 2x Heatlance, 2x Cluster Caltrops (probably a useless upgrade I'll drop for more shields)
5x Scourges, 2x Haywire Blasters
2x Ravager, 3x Lance, Flicker + Nightshield
Razorwing, Splinter Cannon and Flicker

Think that comes to about 1781, so obviously a little trimming but this was what came to mind on my first attempt. If you could let me know by Xmas (or sooner :D) when I'll start cracking open sprues, I'd be ever so thankful!

All the best

George Bailey-Kirby

(P.S. I too love parentheses! And yes my last name is Kirby :D)"

The list overall is okay given your restrictions but I'd prefer to see those Bloodbrides as Wyches. The extra attacks are nice but as a scoring unit they are much more annoying for your opponent. Running two Haemonculi in place of Lelith to ensure they get FNP tokens at the beginning of the game is also a good idea (Lelith model can be used as a Hekatrix). And put Shockprows on the Raiders. This also gives you access to Wracks as Troops so I'd get two small squads of them in Raiders and turn the 10x Warriors into Trueborn.

Heavy Support is fine as is Fast Attak (drop the Caltrops though ^^) though if you ever move to 2000 points doubling up the Jetbikes or Scourges would be a good move.

This means you need to buy another Raider, Haemonculi and Wracks which isn't too much and if you move to 2000 points, another FA choice and some more Venoms for the Trueborn (either to ride in or bring more fire support). You lack a bit in the anti-infantry shooting department without a lot of Venoms but you do have the Razorwing and the Wyches to provide torrenting in combat.

I'd be a bit careful on the nightshield + flickerfield combinations on a lot of your vehicles though - this gets expensive fast and they are still AV10/11 open-topped vehicles in the end.

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