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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A New Challenger Approaches

Ladies and Gentleman of 3++, I come to you with good tidings from the world of steam and arcana.  This is Whitestar333 from Steam-Powered Gamer and I shall be contributing my life experiences to the 3++ network into the future.  "Who?"  I hear you retort.  Why I am just another wargamer, just like you.  I have games all of my life but most notably began my forray into the far frontier known as miniatures games less than a decade ago.

Much like most men, miniatures games for me began with Warhammer 40k and blossomed into an appreciation for many systems of games.  What with the release of Warmachine Mk II and the wacky FAQ for my original 40k army, the Tyranids, my transition to the world of Warmachine and Hordes has become complete.  I pass no judgment on your choices, fellow wargamer, as it is all about having each gentleman (or lady) having fun in their own way, and this is simply mine.

Pictured: Whitestar333 having fun
While my first faction for such a fantastic game was the Circle Orboros, I have since expanded my appreciation with Cygnar, Mercenaries (specifically the Privateers - mostly Broadsides Bart), Legion, and have been known to play Retribution, Minions (Dr. Arkadius... the topic of a future article), and am now starting Trollbloods.  I shall tap into my reservoir of knowledge to share with you, the 3++ audience, about my forays into various factions, but I enjoy discussing the underdog warcasters and warlocks - the ones often maligned for their "better" peers - and how to work with their particular playstyle, and not fight what comes naturally to them.

Finally, one can anticipate a healthy discussion of the competitive aspects of Warmachine/Hordes, as the system fortunately blends them into the style of the game almost seamlessly, that one can be both competitive and "fluffy" more easily than other game systems.

I am excited to be sharing with all of you into the glorious future!


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