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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Email in: Necrons 2000pts

"Sup Kirby! Long time listener, first time caller. Got a list I'd like you to take a look at if you can.

I've wanted to go xenos for a longtime now and thought I'd give crons a shot so here goes....

 Nemesor Zahndrek 185pts

Royal Court 160pts
Cryptek Eldritch Lancex4, Solar pulse

Lychguard 225pts
Hyperphase Swords/ Dispersion shieldsx5

Triarch Stalkersx2 330pts
TL Heavy Guass Cannonsx2

Telsa Carbines
Night Scythe

Telsa Carbines
Night Scythe

Telsa Carbines

Annihilation Bargex3


I like Lychguard and want to fit them in my list so if this way isn't optimal, maybe you can figure a better one.

I'm Pretty sure my maths good but if not my bad son.

Thanks, Goober"

I think Lychguard are at their best with Warscythes - less durable but no one really wants to get punched in the face by that, particularly parking lots. Otherwise I think running the Teslamortals as smaller squads (four would be ideal IMO) would be better. The Stalkers will make their anti-infantry more impressive and it will spread the load a bit.

Still, I would be steering away from the Lychguard unfortunately :(. I'd rather drop them in favor of a couple more Night Scythes and some Scarab units but understand if you really want to use them. They do make a decent enough counter-assault unit and can be a right pain for the enemy if you load them up in a Night Scythe and throw them at the opponent (not head on mind ^^). If you just wanted to use the models rather than the unit, may I suggest using the models as Crypteks instead? Satisfies your visual needs whilst not handicapping your gaming needs if this were the case.

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