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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Email in: Necrons List! What a surprise!

Warhammer with zail

"Hey Kirby,

I thought it was about time to submit a list for review, so here goes. At 1,852 points, it's not meant to be tourny-competitive but still universally competent, as my recreational games get pretty heated. I love the triarch stalkers and can't wait for them to be released; I originally had 3 in the list, but also wanted to fit the destructability of the doomsday ark in as well.

... and by 3++ standards, if I didn't have annihilation barges, well, I might as well have not submitted a list at all! ;p

- Nemesor Zahndrekh
- Overlord – warscythe, command barge
- Royal Court (1) – Cryptek, harbinger of destruction, solar pulse
- Royal Court (2) – Cryptek, harbinger of destruction, solar pulse

- Immortals – x6 immortals
- Immortals – x6 immortals
- Immortals – x9 immortals

- Triarch Stalker
- Triarch Stalker

- Scarab Swarm – x5 scarabs
- Scarab Swarm – x5 scarabs
- Wraiths – x5 wraiths, x3 whips

- Annihilation Barge
- Annihilation barge
- Doomsday Ark

The two smaller squads of immortals, each with a Cryptek, Stalker and A.Barge support, split to either side, or stack on one side, depending on enemy deployment, objectives, scenery, etc. Zahn joins the larger immortals squad, forming a solid core in the center, supported by the Doomsday ark. The wraiths perform a fast disruption or counter-disruption role, the scarabs go a-tank-huntin', and the command barge floats between the two roles.

There is some leeway with deploying which immortal squad in the center; if there's an objective that needs to be baby-sat, I'd replace the larger squad in the center of the battle group with a smaller one. Deployment isn't always the largest group in the center and the other two groups to one or both sides, but for the most part that's how I feel this list would function optimally.

My main concern is whether the list needs more immortals; I feel like two 6+1 squads isn't quite enough on the flanks, despite WBB and barge/stalker support. Seeing as I haven't played the new dex and the stalkers haven't been released yet, I don't know how well this list would function. Any criticism is appreciated!

- Kaelis"

The basis of the list is fine but two things really stand out - you're not maximising the benefit of having two Courts and are thus putting a lot of points into HQ you perhaps shouldn't and the Doomsday Ark is like long-ranged Vindicator without S10, some suppression immunity and costs a bucket load more points (i.e. eh). Personally I'd drop both the Scythebarge and the Doomsday Ark for more Lance Crypteks (losing a Solar Pulse hurts but more Lance Crypteks is important), another Annihilation Barge, a 6th Wraith and the flesh out the Immortals (more squads preferably) and Scarabs.

This gets you more scoring (Immortals), more anti-tank (Crypteks) and more suppression (Barge) though you lose the large Blast of the Ark. If you're seriously set on the Ark I'd at least lose the Scythebarge and grab some more Crypteks + Immortal squads instead as you still increase your anti-tank and scoring potential whilst not overspending on HQs without the full double court benefit.

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