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Monday, December 5, 2011

Email in: Trying to decide which way to spend my Necron dollars!


"Hey Kirby!

I love your blog and the blogging team you have assembled! You guys are at a level of wargaming goodness I can only hope to achieve some day <3

So onto the list! Well, I have to be honest I'm cheating a little bit here . . . lists <.< You see I currently have the bones of a potential Necron force on the go and my goal is to build up my force to the 1500 point level using as much as I currently have (consisting of 30 some warriors, a Monolith, 8 scarab bases and some destroyers). I only have enough cash at the moment to get a 1500 point list going and have worked out two potential lists. I think I've come up with two lists that could be pretty fun but would probably play fairly different. I'm also looking for the list that would be the most successful, which is why I come to you for help! Anyway, I guess at this point we should get on with the show =)

List 1 - Mech List

Overlord - Command Barge, Warscythe - 180

Warriors x 10 - Ghost Ark - 245
Warriors x 9 - Cryptek w/Lance - 267
Warriors x 9 - Cryptek w/Lance, Pulse - 287

Lychguard x 5 - Sword & Board, Lord w/ Warscythe and Orb - 315

Monolith - 200

Total - 1497

The idea with this list is pretty self evident I suppose (or at least I hope so, I'm still fairly new to list building <.<). The Ark with 10 troops sits on an objective close to my deployment zone, the other two with Lancetek's push forward. Monolith acts as a screen, Lychguard serve as a counter-charge should anything want to get too close for comfort. I know it's a little light on AT but with the current setup I have I'd be throwing in another Lancetek at the cost of the Solar Pulse. I put this list together at the initial release of the new Codex, trying to keep it in line with a lot of the other Mech lists out there as best I could.

Then I saw an idea for a phalanx-like army setup which got me thinking . . . The list revolved around a foot-slogging Warrior force being supported by a Ghost Ark or two. I thought it was an interesting idea! I'm not sure I can get the list to work the way the person with the original idea had it though with 1500 points in mind.

Anyway, footslogging Warrior list is as follows:

List 2 - Footslogging Warriors

Overlord - Command Barge, Warscythe - 180

Warriors x 10 - 130
Warriors x 10 - 130
Warriors x 5 - Ghost Ark, Lancetek - 215
Warriors x 5 - Ghost Ark, Lancetek w/ Pulse - 235

Scarabs x 4 - 60
Scarabs x 4 - 60

Lychguard - Sword & Board, Lord w/Warscythe & Orb - 300

Annihilation Barge - 90
Annihilation Barge - 90

Total - 1490
So this list would have the foot Warriors advancing supported by the Ghost Arks to provide more resurrection goodness. Scarabs to eat tanks and Barges to finish them off. Lychguard again would act in a counter-charge roll should the need arise. I feel like this list doesn't have as many warriors as the idea calls for however. I do enjoy the thought of the Ghost Arks supporting foot slogging Warriors as opposed to carrying them, to me it feels like I'm using the Arks to their full potential. I'm also wondering if with a list like this if the second Cryptek and second group of Scarabs is worth it . . . I mean if I lost the one group of Scarabs and the Cryptek w/out the Pulse that would be 8 more Warriors I could include in the group.

Anyway, I'm sure this isn't the standard kind of "help me!" e-mail you get, but any kind of input would be greatly appreciated! I enjoy the theme of both of these lists but only have the monies to invest in one of them. Even if I don't hear back from you, thank you so much for the Wargaming resource you've set up, I appreciate so much what you guys are doing =)


Mike, I think your 2nd list is much better. Monoliths are just...well meh. However, I think at this points level you don't really need the Lychguard counter-charge option. Nice models for sure but not really what you want in the list. Rather, I think taking Ghost Arks for the larger Warrior squads and getting two more Crypteks is the way to go (and make the Warriors 9x strong so the Crypteks can sit inside and shoot). Any spare points can go into buffing the other Warrior squads or more Scarabs.

This gives you 7 AV13 vehicles, 4 S8 shots, a nice amount of tesla and gauss shots, the ScytheBarge and Scarabs to scare stationary tanks. You could even considering changing the Overlord to the Traveller for some more shenanigans plus an arrow as utility against tanks early on (roll those 1's and 2's!).

Now this is a bit more in terms of dollars but you're only really buying one more kit (the 2nd Ghost Ark) and aiming for two extra Cryptek conversions. If you needed to hold off on the 2nd kit or wanted to buy the actual Cryptek models, run the Warrior squad not in a Ghost Ark with more bodies and chuck in another Overlord with Phaeron + Orb + Scythe to make them a midfield threat and then change it back to a smaller squad without the Overlord in an Ark when you can afford it.

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