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Monday, December 19, 2011

Email in: Yet Another Necron List at 1,500

"Hi Kirby!

First of all, thank you for the first army list critique you did for me back when I was playing primarily with the Space Marine codex. I disagreed with a few choices for stylistic reasons, but it pointed me in the right direction. It's safe to say it changed the way I built lists for the better, and allowed me to become a much more competitive player.

But now, we have awakened, and I can finally return to my true army, the Necrons. Can you please have a stab at the list below for me? This is the list I'm currently using, though it's still fairly malleable.

Overlord, Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave, Catacomb Command Barge
2 Harbingers of Destruction, Solar Pulse

Fast Attack
3 Canoptek Wraiths, all with Whip Coils
5 Scarabs
5 Scarabs

9 Warriors, Ghost Ark
9 Warriors, Ghost Ark
10 Immortals, Tesla Carbines

Heavy Support
2 Canoptek Spyders, Gloom Prism
Annihilation Barge, Tesla Cannon
Annihilation Barge, Tesla Cannon

Total: 1499 points

A few notes:
Released models only where possible, please. I can kitbash Crypteks and similar, but I'm not up to kitbashing a Stalker or a Scythe.
My club and the other groups I play with are of the opinion that taking two Crypteks in a given unit via the "only one model from this unit" is wishful thinking, so a two Overlord, double-lance Ghost Ark setup isn't possible.
I'm considering dropping the two Spyders as they aren't too difficult to remove, usually only get two bases of Scarabs out before the Scarabs have run off and are generally aren't threatening. In their place I'm considering another Annihilation Barge, dropping some upgrades and putting a Transmogrification Cryptek with a Harp of Dissonance in the Immortal unit.

Usually the Arks move forward aggressively with the Wraiths, Scarabs and Overlord being on the front line. The Overlord does what damage he can then usually spends himself in combat with a choice unit once his Barge is shot out from under him. The Spyders support this first wave as best they can, with the Barges providing the fire support. The Immortals sit on an objective or push forward as appropriate, filling in holes where I need mobile firepower but can't spare a Barge to do the job.


I think the general list is fine but needs a few tweaks. Only three scoring options - I'd be looking to make this at least four which can be done by splitting the Immortals up though this makes them weaker overall. If you are able to find points to make these 2x7x strong or so though, you'd be sitting prettier on that front. Anti-tank is something else which is just a bit lacking - dropping the Immortals to two squads and kitbashing two extra Crypteks would get you another 2 S8 shots which could help out here. Making one of these a Harp Cryptek isn't a bad idea either - I'm quite partial to the Harp myself ^^.

Otherwise - weave isn't really need on the Overlord, too expensive. Wraith squad is too small - a lucky missile barrage will make this unit little metal particles. Six strong or go home and in this case, I simply wouldn't take them (which frees up points for the extra Immortals + Crypteks). The Scarabs + Spyders are fine though if you wanted to roll 3x Barges + Scarabs that works as well. I think this really comes down to personal preference in what you want as both combinations are workable.

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