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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ogre Kingdom Errata!

For your viewing pleasure here.

So let's get down to business, shall we?

First of all, the Rune Maw now only works on successfully cast enemy spells. This means that I can retract my previous statements of it being useless away. It's still costly but it no longer bubblewraps your unit from your own augmentation spells. You may expect to see this more often now, but the spells still have to target the unit.

Slaughtermasters get Great Weapons now. An option to fill in a missing blank, I guess. If you have 10 points left, why not?

Ogre Charge works fully on Pursuits. I guess this is to help clarify, but it's good to know in case somebody asks if it's true or not.

The big point here is not that Ironfists allow you to take magical armour, but Jervis Johnson's half-baked way of saying "it's a total oversight and it's not... that bad but it's not fun to do this!" Jervis, leave your social horseshit out of an errata. The spirit of the rules say if I can take a shield, I can take magic shields and armour. If you didn't want it to happen, proof read your damn army books some more and make the statement much more public. You don't enforce rules and fun through guilt, that's just poor form.

Maneaters reveal what abilities they have when you deploy them. To clear the air and help your enemy plan to avoid your block of veteran ogre death? Most likely! Mournfang stomps and impacts are at S5, which is absolutely lovely. I wasn't sure if they did, really. One test no matter how many trappers doesn't make them any less potent. Ironcurse works on several things, joy? Clarifying they're Slow to Fire though will settle some disputes.

I thought it would make sense that Golgfag got the Vanguard/Stubborn special rules, but it doesn't make me want to take him anymore than previously. Nobody gives a shit about the Thundermace. The Gnoblar Thiefstone bit is cute, but a good thing to clarify.

Ranged attacks use the Greedy Fist. This has incredibly hilarious potential. It has yet to mention spells however, but magic missiles will work on a Greedy Fist. This makes it even more of a must-have, as well as a reason to take a Brace of Ogre Pistols on a Tyrant.

Grut's Sickle needs Ogres to lynch you if you take the last wound with it. Who knew?

If you can show me a Big Name I'd want on a Battle Standard Bearer, it's good to know that the option is available.

All in all, there's hardly anything to worry about. Other than Greedy Fists when you're being shot at.

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