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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holy crap man...3++ missed its birthday!

As of December 9th, nearly a week ago...3++ is two years old! From last year's birthday we've gone from 2189 visitors/6598 pagehits to 4068 visitors/10,316 pagehits with highs jumping from 2628 visitors/7426 pagehits to 7744 visitors/17,888 pagehits. That's an impressive jump with averages of roughly 4000 visitors daily/28,000 visitors weekly and 120,000 visitors weekly. I've recieved 1517 non-spam related e-mails since last year's birthday (and you wonder why they take time to reply to) and we now have 32 authors!

The biggest news of this year however is the personalised 3++ domain,! In addition to this, 3++ merchandising has started to be circulated with 3++ dice and bags with more items hopefully on the way. 3++con has been organised for early next year and 3++ has started to include regular content from other gaming systems outside of Warhammer 40,000. Warhammer Fantasy, Infinity, Warmachine & Hordes have all taken prominence on 3++ with other systems being touched upon on occasion.

3++ also received a massive facelift from its beginning days with a lot of the gizmos and gadgets on the front page disappearing for a cleaner and more refined look. Could still use some work I'm sure and things are likely to change in the future...but still, a massive change from before! The chatbawks has also been running steadily for over a year now.

Anyway, I'm sure none of you care about all that but 2nd Happy Birthday to 3++! Thanks to everyone who has contributed both in articles and commenting and a massive thanks to everyone who reads and sticks around in the chatbawks for some good old fashioned chats! You're the one who make this possible. Who knows what the next year will bring...chuck out some ideas in the comments if you'd like :).

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