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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kirby goes on holidays

As of the posting of this article, I should be on an aeroplane (not airplane) for a lovely week long holiday. It's the holiday period so I imagine less of you than normal are reading this but thanks to a stupendous effort by the 3++ crew (and me - some 3++ writers won't be getting presents!) there will be constant content for you whilst I'm away. Assuming blogger scheduling works of course! If you've sent me an email before December 23rd, it has a scheduled reply during this time so keep your eyes peeled!

See kids? I work hard :(. (bonus points for who can guess what every single post is about ^^ - be very specific).

I'll be back in a week and probably not looking forward to communicating with you all again =D Don't miss me too much and I hope you enjoy what we've got scheduled over the coming week!

Stay safe everyone.


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