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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Off to a one-day tourney...

Vince and I are going to a one-day tournament today - much fun. 1750, three games directly from the 5th edition rulebook. Nothing too serious but having not played much of 40k outside of play-testing Necrons since the flu-tournament of Emperor's Legion, this will be a nice change of pace with some Acolyte based Grey Knights. Vince is using his Orks and I'll be playing him first round as he wants to try and beat me once this year :P. Poor guy! (bet he wins...).

Anyway, here's a picture of my army in it's little carry tray all ready to be shipped off and joined by 24 Guardsmen who shall be the Acolytes today from Vince's Imperial Guard. I'll do battle reports during the week but since it's not a major tournament I'm unlikely to post whilst there. Scheduled posts should pop up though for those who like to check 3++ out on the weekend!

I will of course post how we go when I get back! Here's to hoping better than last tournament in terms of games won but overall I'm unlikely to do well since my Terminators are unpainted - damn you soft scores and lack of time to paint!

Best of luck to Vincey ;)!

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