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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Privateer Press News (Yes this qualifies as an article)

So today (when I'm writing this it will be today, might be yesterday when its published) Privateer Press has announced who Khador is going to receive as their third tier caster. From the artwork above I'm sure you can tell that it is in fact Vladimir Tzepesci!

There has been much talk lately about these types of casters on the PP forums. We aren't even sure what is the name of their tier. Many have speculated they will be called "Legendary Warcasters" much like how we have "Epic Warcasters" but for now most of use are simply calling them the 3rd tier. An example being is how this is the artwork for Vlad3.

The only other confirmed Tier 3 casters are Asphyxious3 for Cryx, Lylyth3 for Legion of Everblight and Nemo3 for Cygnar.

Hope you all have an excellent weekend and enjoy your gaming.

P.S. Vlad3 is on a horse!! *squeals in excitement*

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