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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3++ Con - Player's Pack v1.2 & FAQ v1.0

It's just under two weeks until 3++con so here's the updated Player's Pack and the FAQ (which is a bit late I'm sorry!). The Player's Pack is basically the same, just fixed some type-o's which were noticed as well as the wording in regards to the Kill Points victory condition to ensure it's clear.

If there are further questions not covered in the FAQ, please ask and I can include them and if there are questions pertaining to the FAQ, please do the same. The goal here is to minimise arguments and rules questions on the day of the tournament whilst following the rules as written by Games Workshop. However, and I stress this, in a very few cases the FAQ takes into consideration how many of us think the rules are intended to play (i.e. emergency disembarkation) i.e. Rules as Intended rather than Rules as Written. You still will need the 5th edition rulebook, FAQ, your army's codex and their respective FAQ as well.

Otherwise this is a reminder to get your entry form in pronto! I've re-loaded the entry form below so you can download it and fill it out at your lesiure. This Friday is the cut-off date for the cheaper price so get in before then. Remember to send your form and army list in!

3 Plus Plus Faq


Clash of the Titans Entry Form

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