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Friday, January 13, 2012

3++con FAQs - Need the Qs!

With 3++con nearing a month away, it's time for me to get cracking on the FAQ documents. I was hoping the Necron one would have been released by now but unfortunately not. So, ask your questions you think need a clarification and I will endeavour to include them in the FAQ. I would appreciate any help in regards to generating questions (and the answers once I put them up) even if you aren't attending 3++con as we want the event to be as complete as possible.
If you have specific questions outside of Necrons - feel free to ask them here as well. I'll be basing my FAQ rulings off a lot of past events such as BFS, Event Horizon, Centurion, NOVA, etc. but won't be copy-pasting them. Remember, these FAQs will be in addition to the Games Workshop produced FAQs/erratas and are not looking to change rules but just clarify poorly constructed rules. 

So fire questions away! I hope to have these all done inside a week so they will be up exactly a month before the event.

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