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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Discussion Email: Teaching Help

"High Kirby, I have beeen reading your blog for over a year now, but have yet to ask you anything directly, until now. I'm an avid space wolves player (well I have my own fluff, but use that list) but thisisn't what I'm asking for help with, my girlfreind and one or two ofher freinds have recently started collecting 40k, and I have beentasked with teaching rules and tactics, and generally putting themthrough their paces, so theyu can deide for themselves which unitswork well and they should spend their money on more of.

So we are having some thousand point battles soon, I will be using mywolves, they will be using Eldar, Dark Eldar and space marines, howwould you advise I write my list, I want it to be a good fight, butabove all I want to lose, but not make it look like I tried to.

Please Help"

Personally, I'd just take the list you normally use. You know the ins and outs of it really well so you can give your girlfriend and friends good advise in how to deal with your army. I would also so personally, that losing on purpose isn't a top idea, particularly with dice involved as it really can come across as you wanting to let the others win. By all means don't pull out all the tactical nuance you have but still play to a reasonable level whilst giving them advice in regards to what you would do or how one might dismantle your army (i.e. this Dreadnought is really important for stopping tanks and if it cannot stop tanks, my army doens't have much which can stop tanks).

All in all, I'd be using a list you already know but help them from the tactical stand point of things in regards to how to beat the list you're using. What are others thoughts here as this is a pretty subjective construct here.

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