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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Army Showcase: Hammer of The Forge

MBG here with a sweet custom Space Marine chapter for you to check out.

Yepimadork came up with this themed escalation army back in the dawn of 5th Edition.  He named his chapter the Hammer of the Forge, and they rock.

Besides converting the dreads to be the un-released at the time Ironclads, he also painted up the army in a non conventional scheme and based it as if on Martian soil.

Back then you could still find some of the old colored primer cans from GW, so he used a spray can of Camo Green, and highlighted it with a mix of Camo and Ivory (from Vallejo Model color).  Then he used Gore Red on the guns, and accented the figures with Beige on the shoulders and brass for the trim.

Overall it turned out great, and looks very unique! Check out the overall pics below!

Wanna see more? Checkout the rest of Yepimadork's stuff here.

How many conversions could you spot? -MBG

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